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SlushWagon 08-25-2018 01:03 PM

Fun track/daily car project
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Hello everyone, this is mostly just a fun daily but I do hope to start taking the car this fall to the drag strip and get into road course next spring. Currently I'm in the process of now continuing my suspension work and looking for some advice in where I should turn next.

Where I stand as is in total mods...
Factory header
2.25 full side exit exhaust by back tire
Diy "ram air"-to be completely redone in the winter
H&R Sport series and KYB struts
Basic maintenance to whole ignition system
Changed a number off sensors already, to many to list

Still to install....
AEM Wideband O2
Apexi SAFC2
Tower braces front and back
Sonnex valvebody
New brake rotors
Fresh oil and transmission changes

Areas I'm looking into and rather lost...
Bushings on pretty much everything need redone.
Brake pads(is there a good brand for street and track? Been holding off on installing my front rotors till I pick pads).
Not sure if it would be worth swapping the rear drums out for discs or not.
Adding ABS if I do swap out the drums?
Twin intake cams(I want to do it but honestly can't find a intake cam online or in my areas for sale).
Higher stalling torque converter (surprisingly found a company that can supposably rebuild the TAATs to stall into the 2500-3200 range and was quoted $580 with my core).

Any advice or pointers is appreciated :)
Yes I'm open to a 5 speed swap if anyone has a good deal on a unit they have laying around.

fetchitfido 08-25-2018 07:41 PM

Re: Fun track/daily car project
You'll get better road racing performance out of a 5spd, drag racers like the dependability of the auto even though it's slower.

If you're on the brakes a ton on the course then it might be worth swapping to rear disc, but they're more labor intensive over their life (the 90's GM rear caliper design is junk). No need to swap ABS in, just swap the knuckle over (not 100% sure required but 98% sure last time it came up the drum knuckles didn't have the caliper ears).

'91-'98 DOHC should have the same camshaft profile so you should be able to take a cam from any in that year range. Same with '99-'02 if you're using a newer, narrow, head but you can't swap from '98 into '99. Doesn't do much of anything for maximum power but does move the power band up 4-500rpm which can be helpful.

Energy Suspension I believe still has a $100ish kit for the suspension front and rear. When I did mine the consensus was the red looked cooler but the black squeaked less.

Most guys I think used Hawk HPS pads...could be wrong. I didn't actually race mine (just drove it like I stole it) but was happy with EBC GreenStuff pads.

SlushWagon 08-25-2018 08:46 PM

Re: Fun track/daily car project
If that's the case I'll probably just stick with the drums and just given them a refresher, rear doesn't do much braking from what I understand anyway.
The mp7 isn't such a bad auto compared to most of the older GM's/imports I've had, only has given me trouble when both the turbine and speed sensors/connectors burnt up randomly on me. Sucks not being able to hold a load in first gear, the road course I'm looking into is large and I wouldn't be needing to go any lower then maybe 2nd anyway(MSR Houston).
If that's all the duel intake cams do I'll just look into a regrind or the alike, I think Crower makes new sticks in several specs. Though that maybe going a little far and call for a good rebuild of the engine.
I'll happily take the less squeaky of the two sets of bushings lol. Looked it up on their website and it's $114 which isn't bad, I'll need new engine mounts too. Engine has a little to much movement for my taste.

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