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tsiconquest87 05-21-2017 07:00 PM

Dash, window functions, and radio go on and off at times...
When it happens it will drive poorly, trans shifting harsh etc. Pretty much seems mist functions become inoperative like lights etc. climate control does stay lit and maybe other non important stuff. Found similar issues via google search on this happening but seems not really any solutions posted. I have 3 codes that come up when it happens. p0634 tcm overtemp, a voltage high code and a shift up/down code. but those 2 im sure are relates with the tcm code anyway. im doubting its a trans issue. it can do it at any time even sometimes when its first started after already sitting etc. Besides a bad trans isnt going to shut off dash and stuff intermittantly. I am thinking a bcm due to the interior issues mentioned? but does the transmission electrical circuitry run through the bcm? or is it possibly the tcm? and maybe the interior electronics circuitry have some part in the tcm?

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