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oxyhydro 06-08-2017 04:21 PM

Help with wiring in led strips in tails
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I have a question about wiring in my own taillight led strips to replace the blinker and drl (well really the night time driving dim brake lights) and also putting some on the brake light bulb, im going to redo the inside of my taillights, i have my tail lights smoked an there was like a design i did that i didnt smoke an i wanted to put tge strips in the unsmoked part so it looks like its ment to be. Its going to kinda look like a 16-17 ford explorer(i got picks of mine an the explorer) my tails have 3 bulbs, the top one which does the night driving and blinker (i want to remove completely an have the strips replace it) the bottom cirlce one which is the night driving and brake light, and tge reverse light.

The problem im having is led strips only come in 2 wires an i would need 3 at least, i want to run them in that 7 shape on my lights. The only way i can think of doing this is to hook up multiple strips an connect one to the night driving light, another to the blinker an another or maybe 2 to the brake light. But i would rather try to have it as a multi function strip an not 1 strip per funtion like how trailer lights are. Another thing i thought of leds dont dim good right so wouldnt it be if i hooked up a strip to the night time driving wires it would be just as bright as the brake ones? I know there has to be a easier way to do want im doing, i appreciate the help, thanks!

That pic of my car is kinda old, it looks different now but i already had that pic in my phone to give the idea

oxyhydro 06-10-2017 03:56 PM

Re: Help with wiring in led strips in tails
Does anyone have any experience with trailer harnesses? Maybe it could work if i got a T harnesses an leave the stock lights unplug. The way i would be doing it it should be brighter an more noticeable. Like from the side view you cant tell when i have my blinker on an this should be mire visible, i also mite splice in the corner lights in with the blinker but ive heard people having problems with that. Any help would be appreciated!

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