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bz1lvn 11-28-2020 10:56 AM

Manual brake fluid bleed steps
I want to do a 2 person brake fluid bleed on my 08 V6 Vue. Does anyone have recommendations or steps? What is the order for the bleed? Thanks

fdryer 11-28-2020 04:07 PM

Re: Manual brake fluid bleed steps
All manual brake flushing or bleeding procedures depends on where the brake master cylinder is located, either left or right side. With left side steering controls, the brake master located on the left side of a vehicle, brake flushing/bleeding procedures begins at the farthest brake line then working towards the master cylinder.

With brake hydraulics split into two systems, the left front/right rear is one half, the other half is right front/left rear. The brake master cylinder usually have two output fittings, one for each half or the brake system. With abs, the two outputs feed brake fluid into the abs unit input side. The output should have four brake lines, one for each brake. The abs remains physically invisible when abs isn't activated so normal braking with flushing/bleeding procedures are invisible to the abs unit. With ignition OFF, brake flushing/bleeding procedures remain the same as if abs were never installed.

Start bleeding the right rear first then left front. Continue with left rear then right front. Be sure to keep the brake master cylinder topped off during bleeding procedures to prevent emptying and drawing air into one or both pistons in the bottom of the master.

bz1lvn 12-03-2020 07:03 PM

Re: Manual brake fluid bleed steps

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