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Scotts07vue 09-05-2019 06:25 PM

Neutral safety switch no availability
I have a 07 Vue 3.5L awd that needs a neutral safety switch. I have been to several parts stores and on line . No availability for the 10 pin switch the 11 pin switch is ised on the 4 cylinder fwd is available on line and at some stores . Any help would be appreciated.

fdryer 09-06-2019 11:14 AM

Re: Neutral safety switch no availability
Other than subscribing online for service manual wiring diagrams (alldata or Mitchell), why do you think your nss switch is faulty? In general, Park and Neutral (presuming the nss switch is aligned) are the only positions allowing the starting circuit to operate the starter. The other positions prevent starting in gear when selecting forward or reverse.

What symptoms are you having?

Scotts07vue 09-06-2019 04:59 PM

Re: Neutral safety switch no availability
Ive been getting p0706 code . It started out once every 3 monthes now its getting more frequent

fdryer 09-06-2019 05:36 PM

Re: Neutral safety switch no availability
As mentioned previously, the neutral safety start switch serves two purposes; prevent starting in D/D2 or R and signal the xmission or engine control module which way to move the car. If the nss switch was never adjusted or damaged from normal everyday vehicle use, one of two ways to determine if this switch is faulty is to simply try starting in gear - drive, D2, D3 or reverse. Test for starting in Park and in Neutral (the only two selections allowing starting). If you try testing, be sure to test either in your garage or driveway but e-brake engaged and foot firmly on the brake pedal in case starting occurs in either D or R. As a switch with several detents, it's factory aligned for the life of a vehicle unless xmission repairs requires removing it or shift cables/linkages are replaced/repaired/disturbed/modified to alter how the nss switch operates. As an electrical switch, it sends low voltage signals to the ecm, bcm or tcm so the electronically controlled xmission can operate as desired from a driver shifting the xmission lever. The majority of nss switches rarely fail. The few that do are from unusual circumstances.

In general, if the engine starts up, shifts in drive or reverse occurs without issues, the error code may be a false positive. Shift cables/bushings/linkages connecting the shift lever to the nss and xmission may be worn and would need to be examined. I do not have info on what to check for physical wear/damage or how to adjust the nss switch.

One source for general knowledge of error codes would be; [url][/url].

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