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Pzw373 07-18-2013 05:48 PM

Replacing the ECTS fixed my Starting problem - Thank you
As a Guest on your forum I looked around this site for ideas to fix the starting problem with my 1999 SL2 with 109000 miles. We tried new plugs, new plug wires, new gas filter (all good ideas) but the car still would not start smoothly and at times I had to put my foot on the gas to the floor to get it to start.

Finally we went to forum and saw the reference to the ECTS (engine coolant temperature sensor). The parts house said this would not fix the problem, so back to your site a second time. Then we found the reference to the ECTS signaling the PCM, so we bit the bullet and replaced the ECTS. WOW!!! The car is now running and starting well.

I joined this forum so I could tell you THANK-YOU and to encourage other guest to trust you on this one, starting problems can be fixed by replacing the ECTS.

fdryer 07-18-2013 06:50 PM

Re: Replacing the ECTS fixed my Starting problem - Thank you
While well intentioned as parts sales people, they're neither experienced mechanics nor Saturn trained to diagnose car problems. Their main task is to provide parts whether we need it or not. Saturnfans, as you found out, are a collection of members from Saturn mechanics to everyday working stiffs from all walks of life sharing experiences and expertise in Saturns that's second to none. What's more remarkable are the occasional new member joining and saying there's more support here than in other car forums. Perhaps this is the Saturn way...........

If you like, send Charlie (the Admin) a request to move this thread over to the S-series forum. Better yet, to the Community Center for all to read.

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