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kmont 08-19-2017 09:02 PM

08 VUE warning chime with no dash lights or codes
Hello All,

I am new to this and I am hoping someone will be able to help me with an issue I have with my 08 VUE XE with the 3.5 AWD. I keep hearing the warning chime go off but there are no lights coming on the dash and there are no drivability issues. Sometimes it happens frequently and other times it will be quiet for days. The volume of the sound and the length of the chime varies but it is always fast paced like the sound you get when you try to drive with the e-brake on. The only thing I have done to the car is replace the factory speakers with aftermarket ones. It seems to happen most when it is raining or on long drives. I have had it to the dealer I purchased the car from but the VUE did not present the issue when they had it. I have searched the posts here and on other sites but have not seen anything that matched up to what I have going on. I have a code scanner but it does not show any code and the dealer said they did not find any codes either. I did try disconnecting the battery terminals cleaning and reconnecting after letting it sit for more than 30 min. I also tried doing a hard reset by touching the cables together just briefly as the Cruthfield Tech support suggested. I have checked the wire harnesses in the engine compartment as well as the ones inside the VUE in the kick panels to see if there was something broken or corrosion but nothing stands out. Any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time and help.

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