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lewis 03-23-2000 10:59 AM

LS suggestions
After living with my LS1 for a few months I would suggest the following improvements- 1) side airbags are a must! I bought my LS before the terrible side impact results were released by the government. I doubt I'd have traded my SL1 for it if I knew then what I know now. 2) adjustable pedals a la the Ford Taurus- this is a genuinely great idea for both safety and comfort. Steal it! 3) bigger gas tank- the tank on the LS is undesized and needs to be at least 2-3 gallons bigger. I'd gladly give up some trunk room for the bigger tank. 4) get rid of the disgustingly ugly FAKE woodgrain on the middle dash piece. First thing I did when I got home with the car was paint this panel flat black. The fake wood looks like a Hyundai reject. Despite the suggestions I actually think it's a great car and enjoy it alot. Like anything built by mankind however, it can be improved.

SpeedPlayer 97sl2 03-26-2000 12:13 AM

How about an optional Sport package? It would offer 17" alloy wheels wearing 50-series meats, 1" lower suspension, stiffer shocks, sport seats with more aggressive side boltering, thicker front and rear stabilizer bars, three-spoke steering wheel, freer-flowing K&N intake system, and subtle body-colored ground effects. A manual transmission would be a no-cost option. I dunno about you guys, but if I bought an LS2 and this option package was available, I'd pick it up in a snap!

Acevedo 97sl2

LW2Rich 04-04-2000 07:04 PM

I've had my LW2 wagon for about 6 months now and have a number of wish list items:

1)Thier should be a "tiptronic" type option for the automatic trany thats mandatory on the LW2/LS2. This is becomming more and more a standard feature on luxury/performance type cars (Lincoln LS has it as does the Passat). As a guy who spent the last 15 years driving 5 speeds, being able to fully control the automatic tranny and having the convenience to switch back to nromal auto operation would be very enjoyable. Given that the LS/LW uses a GM electronically controlled 4 speed tranny, I would think that not only Saturn, but GM as a whole would want this capability for thier performance oriented sedans. Hence, development costs are amortized over the whole coperation.

2) A bigger gas tank. Not really a must have for me, but a few more gallons would sure be nice.

3) Move those darn power seat controls somewhere else.

4) Headrests should lock into postion when pulled up.

5) Give us that full 200hp the LS2/LW2 V6 does in the Caddy Catera. (Heck, how about a poor mans version of the Saab 9-5: give us that tubro'd version of the V6 that saab uses with better suspension/wheel peices etc etc).

6) An easy way to fold the bottom seat cushion of the rear seat in the LW-2 wagon out of the way so that when the seatback is folded down you get a flat loading floor.

7) For me, on long highway drives, a nice armrest inbetween the driver and passenger seat would be nice.


VTHokie00SL2 04-04-2000 07:18 PM


I agree, especially regarding the tiptronic transmission and the fuel tank size.

anotherHokie 04-06-2000 11:16 PM

I've only had my LW2 for a month, but I do have some (a few) feedback/complaints:
I am less than impressed with some of the workmanship-glued on plastic trim pieces inside are already starting to loosen, especially around the inside door handles, there are rattles everywhere, the front wheels were not balanced and the alignment was off. One fog light is pointed at the ground two feet in front of the car, the other is pointed up in the air and only the top half is pointing out of the slot. The glue and staples holding the carpet down around the edges of the spare tire cover have come off. The ceiling does not inspire cinfidence because when I try to turn on the dome/front reading lights, I push the ceiling up about two inches until it hits the roof. Also, there is an annoying knock in the seat-back which can be felt and heard whenever I adjust my weight in the seat. Most of these are to be expected in a first year car but the carelessness of not balancing or aligning the wheels and the rediculous installation of the fog lights is quite surprising.
Aside from its execution, I also have some complaints and suggestions pertaining the the design. Side airbags, standard antilock brakes, and rear center seat three point belts are notably missing safety features, especially considering the less than spectacular crash tests. The fake woodgrain is very tacky. Its one thing to cut corners and mount the window lifts on the console, but you should not have to reach around the shifter to get to the right side controls. Also, express up as well as down would be a nice feature, even better if it was on all the windows. More with the console, the storage compartment armrest is uselessly small and low, and a pet peeve of mine: most people don't use their ashtrays. Grand Ams have round ashtrays that you can put into one of the cup holders, so its not wasting space for non-smokers. I would much prefer a coin holder or a felt lined storage area for glasses than an ashtray. Speaking of felt lined, this would be nice for the door pockets (which are a little too tight at the opening for glasses cases) and the poorly lit glove box to keep all the loose manuals and paperwork from sliding around. Also, a folder to hold the manual and paperwork is a strangely missing amenity. The power seat controls are very poorly placed, they get hit when getting in and out of the car sometimes. Heated seats should be availible with cloth upholstry (The salesman said the seats would melt, funny it never happens on my Audi with the same set-up). Cup holders in the back of the console would be more usefull than the accident prone foam ones in the rear armrest. The rear wagon bench should fold forward, not remove to get a flat cargo floor. When you do remove the bench seat, it is very difficult to get it back in with the seat belts sticking through it. These should come through a slot not a tight hole. Also, the bench should be able to fold forward 60/40 like on the Passat. Also, I don't like the seat back reinforcing bar nor the fact that only the small side can fold down by itself. Other wagons and SUV's aren't like this. Oh, and there's a bit too much engine noise. Last and least is the styling, inside and out. I know its generally good to create a "corporate look", but not when this requires making the car ugly to match the other ugly cars in the company's line-up. The headlights look like beedy, slanty cross-eyes, and the interior "modular" look seems a little less than elegant.
I know this amounts to a real flame, but I knew most of this stuff when I bought it over the Passat and Legacy GT because of its great value and surprising performance. (being mostly American in origin didn't hurt either)

PS I can't stand the roof rails. Its the only part of the car that really makes me mad. They dont have tie-down loops or crossbars, rendering them completely useless, unless you want to fork over a few hundred bucks for the accessories. I'm buying Yakima parts in protest.

VTHokie00SL2 04-07-2000 10:54 AM

LOL! Are you sure that's all you've got to say? :) Actually, I know what you're talking about regarding the ceiling by the dome light - it's the same way on my SL2 and on the 98 SL1 that my parents are leasing. And my SL2 does have its share of rattles. The workmanship on your car definitely sounds sloppy in places - let's just hope that it's nothing more than first year glitches that will be quickly resolved. As far as the fake wood on the dash - I think they put in about the right amount. Any more might be tacky, but as it is I don't mind it. Anyway, good luck with your LW2!


SpeedPlayer 97sl2 04-07-2000 07:25 PM

Ditto the roofliner for my SL2. Mine's falls down about a half inch. You figure they could incorporate a clip into the domelight to help hold up the roofliner, but I guess not.

Otherwise, I wish they'd assemble the doorpanels better. They squeek when you press on them. It's also help to make the door armrests a little cushier. The current ones are like rocks!

Acevedo 97sl2

hugh 04-14-2000 12:02 AM

Have you,or anyone on this site for that matter,ever had a response of any kind from Saturn to anything posted in the Suggestion Category?

film52 04-26-2000 09:51 AM

I have had my LS1 less then a week, summer isnít even here yet and the arguments have already started. Add dual climate controls for the front seat at least.

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