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Rivernut 04-05-2008 07:10 AM

EGR Cleaning Brush Kit $10 K-mart
I was in the sporting goods section at K-Mart and found a great set of wire brushes and immediately thought EGR cleaners! The "universal gun cleaning kit" comes with 5 wire brushes connecting rods, and other accessories which are perfect for cleaning the carboned-up passageways. The '96 SL2 was having classic 'sticky EGR syndrome" with the surging up and down / dying when coming to a stop. I removed the EGR valve and put a Torx screwdriver on the plunger part and pushed it in and it stuck. After reaming and pushing it in and out with the Torx screwdriver for a while and using brake cleaner / PB blaster on the valve, it was free moving once again!:D I scraped off the old gasket remnants and brushed out the passageways on the EGR and engine. The brushes worked great. I imagine that a similar automotive tool set might be triple the price if it even exists. I started the engine and revved it a few times to blow out the dislogged carbon, then installed the $2 gasket with the functioning EGR valve. The engines seems free of 'sticky EGR syndrome'. Total cost $12. Buy this kit if you plan on doing a thorough job.

Rivernut 04-05-2008 12:05 PM

Re: EGR Cleaning Brush Kit $10 K-mart
OK, where did the photo go? Why can't I edit my own post to fix this?

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