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steve64 10-14-2019 07:48 PM

06 Ion 2 2.2L w/67k mi Engine Squeaking
Several months ago, the car started squeaking a little when going over poorly paved areas of L.A & sometimes on the freeway. I drove to Vegas & back to L.A. last month & in Vegas it seemed like there was no squeaking at all (good roads maybe?). Now it's squeaking on the freeway almost all the time. I had to do a Red Cross shift in the Valley for the fires over the weekend & I thought the engine was going to fly out. I'm thinking it might be the motor mount, but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. It's like a dog mouse toy squeak. When I push on the frame, no squeaks. I did replace the struts & shocks a few years ago. Today I pushed on the engine & got a little squeak. I tried to find the motor mount from the picture I saw on the internet, but it looks like it's between the engine & firewall. I think I saw part of it & that part looked in good shape. Thanks in advance. BTE, long time viewing; 1st time posting.

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