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Lazydog 05-15-2004 11:37 AM

Finally got a hitch installed
Hello all: Well I finally purchased and installed a hitch. I had a problem with the Quality S hitch I purchased on Ebay. I contacted the company (bestforlesstruckaccessories) I purchased it from and they refunded my money that same day. In fact I still have the old hitch. UPS hasn't picked it up yet. Best for Less is an excellent company to deal with.

He has since started selling another manufacturer which is far superior. All the bolt holes lined up perfectly and the finish is excellent. The company is Curt MFG. If your on the fence about which to buy I would highly recommend this one. By the way it was 89.99 with 20.00 shipping. I uploaded pictures so check em out if your interested.

RedHotChiliQC 05-15-2004 07:01 PM

Hey, I just went and looked at it, looks like a good hitch, and I like the idea of it matching up so I don't have to drill...but...
I just went out and looked at the underside of my Vue and only saw one bolt hold right behind where the muffler comes out. The other side didn't have the bolt hole.

Did you install it? Did you have bolt holes on both sides underneath?

Lazydog 05-16-2004 12:19 AM

I installed it myself. it wasn't too bad.

On the bottom of each frame rail is a big hole. My kit came with a square piece of metal and a lag bolt to fit up in there.

Then there are 2 threaded holes on each side above the muffler. I would say they are inline with the top of the bumper. Maybe a little lower.

Then there are the two holes in the middle back. Those are the ones everyone has a hard time with. I had a hard time but kept at it. it took about 10 min each side. Once those are in it only took 10 minutes to install the rest of the bolts.

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