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David 93 SL2m 12-08-2015 11:44 PM

1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
Before I remove my mods and possibly sell them, is there any interest out there in buying my 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles...?

On 30 Oct 1992 it was ordered from Spring Hill, on 13 Nov 1992 it was delivered to Saturn of Gaithersburg, and on 14 Nov 1992 I took ownership and drove it home.

Options:[list][*]Air conditioning[*]Cruise control[*]Power door locks[*]Power windows[*]Power right side mirror[*]Aluminum alloy wheel[*]ABS (plus rear disc brakes)[*]Fog lamps[*]Two-tone paint[/list]
The good:[list][*]One owner[*]Engine runs excellent[*]Oil changed every 2,500 miles usually with Mobil-1 5W30 fully synthetic motor oil and oversized oil filter[*]Clutch is strong[*]Driver's seat is good, front passenger's seat is great, rear bench seat is excellent[*]Inside does not smell like an ashtray and does not have any odors[*]Wheels have no curb rash[*]Mobil-1 fully synthetic ATF[*]Coolant changed regularly[*]Steering is fine, suspension is fine, starter is fine, radiator is fine, water pump is fine, alternator is fine, etc[*]Complete maintenance and repair history is available in spreadsheet form[/list]
The mods:[list][*]HotShot chrome air intake system with ceramic coating, conical K&N air filter, and SPS bracket[*]Bored and ported throttle body[*]Magnecor KV85 spark plug cables[*]NGK V-Power spark plugs[*]Bored and ported header/downpipe from 1992 Saturn SL2[*]Custom 2.25” exhaust system[*]Straight pipe in place of catalytic converter[*]Walker Thrush Magnum 24201 glasspack muffler/resonator[*]Walker Dynomax SuperTurbo 17731 muffler[*]Original Chris Heywood short shifter with raised shift point[*]Fumoto oil drain valve[*]Mobil-1 oil fill cap[*]KYB GR-2 struts front, stock struts rear[*]Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V serpentine belt[*]1996 Saturn SC2 aluminum alloy wheels with 195/60R15 General Altimax HP tires[*]Leather wrapped steering wheel, gear shift knob, and parking brake handle from 1994 Saturn SC2s[*]Center console armrest/storage unit[*]Mobil-1 plate sticker on support over radiator[*]Automatic flashing security light[*]Dual Fiamm Freeway Blaster horns[*]Brighter exterior bulbs (sizes 2825/W5W, 3457, and 3496)[*]Sony AM/FM/CD/MP3 radio [*]Pioneer speakers in front doors and rear speaker shelf[*]Manual radiator fan switch, also controlled by second thermostat externally mounted on radiator[*]“Twin cam” emblem removed from rear passenger side taillight[*]Back Saturn emblems[*]Saturn black decal on rear bumper[*]Clear front parking light lenses[*]Dogbone motor mounts with Prothane inserts[/list]
The bad:[list][*]Would not pass a safety inspection – in my state this is only required when a vehicle is resold unless it is historic/classic which happens when it is 20 model years old, and this car has historic/classic license plates[*]Brakes do not work because the metal brake line going to the rear passenger side wheel has rusted through and brake fluid now squirts out[/list]
The ugly:[list][*]Windshield has a large crack[*]AC system has at least one leak and it does not hold refrigerant so does not cool the inside of the car[*]Clearcoat paint on the hood is mostly gone, due to an inferior paint job on the hood by Saturn of Gaithersburg in 1996[*]Hood has chips in the paint[*]Hood has rust along the leading edge above the driver's side headlamp assembly[*]Roof has a growing rust spot where it meets the windshield[*]Rear windows no longer open/close[*]The left side of the speedometer has a loose LED bulb and does not light up[*]Foglamps do not work due to corrosion on rear of units[*]Driver's arm rest on door is cracking[*]Carpet in driver's area where “dead pedal” should have been designed developing a worn out spots[*]Scrapes in paint on rear bumper due to golfer with cleated shoes using it as a footrest to tie shoes[*]Slight water leakage above rear passenger area in heavy rain[*]Engine does burn oil, as expected[*]Some rust on engine cradle and subframe as expected, but no rust around doorsills[/list]

David 93 SL2m 12-10-2015 06:55 PM

Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
This engine (or engine plus transmission) are perfect for anyone with a bad DOHC engine, for anyone wanting a spare 1993 DOHC engine, for anyone with the SOHC engine wanting to upgrade to the DOHC engine, and so on. The temperature gauge quickly moved up to the exact halfway point when the car was driven. It has never overheated.

Omitting oil and oil filter changes, coolant changes, wheel rotations, etc. here are the parts replaced on my car during the last 50,000 miles:[list][*]168,302: water pump[*]172,409: AC compressor, dryer, expansion valve, suction hose, discharge hose[*]172,409: radiator, dogbone motor mount with polyurethane bushing inserts (Prothane)[*]178,060: outer tie rod ends replaced, alignment[*]187,232: exhaust system (Dynomax SuperTurbo muffler, Thrush glasspack resonator, 2.25” pipe, welded not clamped)[*]190,041: fuel filter[*]193,704: spark plugs (NGK V-Power 6953)[*]195,393: thermostat (OEM)[*]200,973: catalytic converter replaced with straight pipe, welded not clamped[*]208,099: 4 brake rotors (Wearever), front brake pads (Wearever Gold Ceramic), rear brake pads (Bendix)[*]209,963: Dynomax SuperTurbo muffler, welded not clamped[/list]

David 93 SL2m 12-11-2015 06:46 PM

Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
This car is also good for anyone wanting the panels to convert their 1995 or earlier SL, SL1, SL2, SW1, or SW2 into the rare gray and silver two-tone paint scheme.

David 93 SL2m 12-13-2015 10:55 AM

Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
Understandably there has not been any interest in saving my car, and my car has to go. Today I will begin removing my mods and aftermarket parts for sale in the near future.

Note I am not parting out my car; it was not in a collision and with the carcass going directly to a junkyard. I am simply returning it to stock as best I can. Thank you.

J N Winkler 12-13-2015 12:24 PM

Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
I am afraid suburban Maryland is a bit far for me to pick up a Saturn (modded or not), but I just wanted to express my admiration for this careful approach to full disclosure.

David 93 SL2m 01-18-2016 11:57 AM

Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?
This 1993 Saturn SL2 was a great car. We really enjoyed owning and driving it for 23 years, 2 months, 5 days. We drove this car 212,939 miles but I was really hoping to drive another 12,683 miles and reach 225,622 miles. This morning we signed the title over to a local nonprofit organization that does good things and sadly watched as the car went away. Well done, Saturn, well done.

Most but not all of the mods were removed and are in our garage. As I find time I will sell them since all of my searches during the last year for another Saturn S-Series have only led to cars that were not cared for and weren't worth saving.

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