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Charlie 08-18-2009 11:57 PM

Saturn Astra: The Lost Saturn
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[drupal=3271]Saturn Astra: The Lost Saturn[/drupal]

[quote]Aaron Warren from the Examiner: Available in a surprisingly roomy, and practical 5 door and 3 door hatchback, the Astra receives it's power from a sweet little 1.8 liter mill churning out 138 HP to the front wheels. This may not sound like much, but it's how that horsepower is channeled through the autobahn tuned chassis that impresses![/quote]

MiSaturn 08-19-2009 09:02 AM

Re: Saturn Astra: The Lost Saturn
And was only getting better... . The next generation Astra was featured in this month's Top Gear magazine, and is one of the better looking small cars out there - very VW-Toyota-ish, but still has an agressive edge to it.

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