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virtualking 07-04-2018 01:46 AM

A/C fan not working.
Mr. dealer tells me that it is a ECM problem behind the switch and asking for $ 450+, give me advice what to do?

fdryer 07-04-2018 04:35 AM

Re: A/C fan not working.
Are you describing the ac blower fan inside the car or the radiator/ac condenser cooling fan? Each fan has it's own circuit, downstream of the engine computer, ecm. Without more info, my initial guess is this dealer may be attempting to emptying your wallet. Fans have fuses and some use a relay. Fans are controlled by circuits. Engine cooling fan(s) use the same circuit whether or not its for overheating coolant or using ac. Every ac system turns on cooking fan - the ac condenser coil gets hot and it's in front of the radiator. Without the fan running when ac is used, hot air from the condenser coil flows into the radiator that's already hot and can result in overheating. Cooling system and ac suffers if the cooling fan doesn't run. Without ac the cooling fan runs only when coolant reaches a temperature the engine computer determines warm enough to turn on. The cooling fan operates on the same circuit for either the ac system demands it or when engine coolant demands it.

Fuse, relay or faulty fan may be the problem and not the ecm. You're always free to try another dealer or reputable auto electric shop experienced in electrical systems. Some may even be knowledgeable about engine computers in general to make honest assessments.

kg6mvb 07-04-2018 10:10 AM

Re: A/C fan not working.
My Ion has an ECM problem triggering the fan as well. The ECM should pull one pin to ground to trigger the fan relay (which it doesn’t). Jumping it to ground turns on the fan.

Rather than replacing the ECM, I wired up a relay to turn on the fan anytime the AC compressor is powered. I also added a switch so I can turn the fan on in the winter. The only time I need that is when sitting in traffic (or drive through lines).

You have a different model so of course YMMV.

pierrot 07-05-2018 08:46 PM

Re: A/C fan not working.
[QUOTE=virtualking;2276915]Mr. dealer tells me that it is a ECM problem behind the switch and asking for $ 450+, give me advice what to do?[/QUOTE][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"]I have looked through the five posts you've written here at SaturnFans to date and nowhere have you identified what vehicle it is that you own, or are working on. From the quality of the posts you've written I am dubious that your posting here is for any positive purpose...[I]perhaps I'm wrong[/I] [COLOR="red"][U]and that would be fine if it were so[/U][/COLOR]. At this point, however, I believe that assisting you with your issue is a most unfruitful endeavor.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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