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djsmoove 09-08-2011 12:38 PM

exhaust rust hole patch help
got another one for my saturn gurus im learning about this saturn car. just like i did my 89/90 honda prelust special edition with 4 wheel stearing.
anyhow i have a rust hole i finally found after putting seafoam in the car. for starters
when i put my hand over the muffler whole to stop the air. the car doesnt cut off u hear it under the passanger side. also it pops and sputters like i have a dang perform muffler on it..
i might have to take pics and post them for the correct location. i thought it was the flex tube due to the mesh tearing. but nope. if you go towards the back of the car from the flex tube u the next long round tube u come to the (cadilac) lmbo inside joke cat converter.i hope thats what it is.. there is a rust hole where that round thing connects to the tube of the exhaust. i seen you tube vids on puddy patches. i do plan on getting a new exhaust but to just temp fix it for about a month or so what can i use on it to have the airflow sealed untill i get to that and not have to pay the 150 it costs to have the complete exhaust system fixed.(if thats what needs to be done)

spacemanspif 09-08-2011 02:35 PM

Re: exhaust rust hole patch help
OK I have no idea where this leak actually is because I am having trouble following. You may or may not be talking about the resonator (straight tube that bulges after the catalytic converter), I really can't tell.

There are a lot of ways to fix exhaust leaks:

1. Since you only need a month and don't seem to need it fixed for any dire reason, just leave it alone and deal with the extra noise for the month.

2. Muffler bandage stuff may get you month but I'm not sure on brands and durability.

3. If its a small hole, take it to a muffler shop (or anyone with a welder) and pay them $20 to fill it with a quick spot weld.

4. Clamp a piece of sheet metal over the hole to cover it and poorly seal it.

5. Just get the new one now if you can find the money for it.

My vote is No. 1 since I have been driving around for almost 2 years with an exhaust leak...the volume knob on the radio enables me to not hear it lol.

spacemanspif 09-08-2011 04:09 PM

Re: exhaust rust hole patch help

Check out the diagram on this website to show us the location of the leak to better handle how to repair it.

djsmoove 09-08-2011 06:34 PM

Re: exhaust rust hole patch help

Check out the diagram on this website to show us the location of the leak to better handle how to repair it.[/QUOTE]

thats why i say saturn gurus lol


i drew a red mark on where the rust spot is..

the thing is .. i said a month but its been like that for sometime now and im still pending 30 usd to get a valve body. no reverse.. so if i can find a good patch or seal of some sort to hold for even longer then thats a plus i can focus on the tranny, then engine and all... i turned this car into a dang project due to i can honestly say i put 1000 mies plus a week on that car for some 5 years and its still kicken ya know..

spacemanspif 09-08-2011 10:56 PM

Re: exhaust rust hole patch help
Took a little while to find the little red dot but I eventually found it lol.

How big is the hole? Appears that the weld on the resonator is rusting out. I think you should try and find someone to weld it shut for you. If its a big hole a shop might be able to weld a plate to it to close it, but a small hole can easily just be filled with weld. Local muffler shop can do it easy but might try and up sell you. A performance/fabrication shop might be your better bet especially if you have a friend that is buying parts/services from them. It would probably take them longer to lift and drop the car than actually weld the hole. Go in and BS with the person for a while and see what kind of deal they'll give you. Any shop with a lift and welder would be able to easily weld a small to medium sized hole closed.

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