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jaminsc2 12-13-2005 10:10 AM

1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...
Long story short, I bought a 1999 SL1 for $1,800.00 last week. It was suppose to be a commuter car for my wife and I, but my wife doesn't like it, so now I'm selling it. :dizzy: I need to get $2,000.00 to break even (tax, title, etc.). Blue book is $3,000.00-$3,500.00 depending on which site you use.

The car is like new inside. No weird smells, no stains, good floor mats, etc. It's still covered in Armoral from the dealer. The outside is also like new. No dings, no cracks in the plastic, nice paint, etc. It's only missing one small part, which is sitting in the center console awaiting the proper screw.

1999 Saturn SL1:[LIST][*]Gold with black/charcoal interior[*]~99,100 miles[*]automatic transmission - shifts fine[*]power windows/locks[*]Saturn radio with cassette[*]air conditioning[*]Saturn floor mats[*]almost new Pepboy tires[*]new windshield wipers (I just installed them) [*]security etched glass (done via aftermarket) [/LIST]
Known mechanical problems:[LIST][*]fuel gauge doesn't go past 1/4 tank[*]MAP sensor might be bad - The PCM set a P0105 code on the way home from the dealer. I cleared the code at Autozone and it hasn't come back yet. A new MAP sensor is $32 at Autozone. Hopefully it's just a loose connection or carbon build up.[*]random high idle problem - After I drive for a few miles, then shift into park, the engine sometimes idles around 2,000 rpm. This might be related to the MAP sensor issue.[*] The battery is larger then the battery tray. I might be able to come up with the correct size battery for you, so then you'd just need the two bolts and nut that hold the battery strap (they are missing).[/LIST]
I haven't had time to troubleshoot/fix the mechanical problems listed above. The more time I spend fixing them, the higher my price will go. If I get everything fixed on my own, I will most likely post this on Autotrader,, ebay, etc. and ask ~$2,500.00 for it.

Here is a picture from the dealers website (saved to my website). If you want more pictures, just let me know. The car is a bone stock SL1 with no body or interior blemishes. Not much to see. [url][/url]

The car is located in Bethlehem PA (18017). If you want to test drive it, you have to come to me. If your willing to work with me on a time frame, I can deliver the car up to ~100 miles in any direction.

Since I can't budge on the price, I'll change the oil, trans fluid, and coolant for free. Please don't ask for Mobil 1 or anything like that. :p

You can contact me "off list" at "jaminc223 [at]", or feel free to reply to this post.

geartooth94 12-13-2005 10:03 PM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...
is that a copper SL1 behind your gold one in the pic? mind letting me know where that lot is??? it looks like somewhere on Hamilton Street in E. Allentown.

jaminsc2 12-14-2005 12:59 PM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...
Yes, it's the gold one. The one behind it is a 1997 with no power steering. ;)

The dealer is located in Linden NJ.

sandybright 12-15-2005 01:25 PM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...
D'oh! I'm currently saving up money to get another car and I'm nearby enought for it. I just don't have enough saved up for it. Gah.:dizzy:

jaminsc2 12-16-2005 06:17 PM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...

The previous owner installed new throttle body connectors. All of the crimp on connectors were fine except for one that wasn't even crimped on. The wires were held in with electrical tape and the connector was too big for the size wire being used (it had a different connector then all the rest). :ugh: I replaced the connector and it seems to have solved the random high idle and SES light issues. I'll know for sure after a few days of driving...

The incorrect fuel gauge has been narrowed down to a bad sending unit in the gas tank. I'm suppose to be getting ~20-80 ohm across the connector but I'm getting 0.00 ohm. Either something has shorted out the sending unit, or this test is not good for a 1999 SL1 (my service manual is for a 1997).

The battery strap issue still isn't fixed. With any luck I'll get over to the local salvage yard and pick up the bolts this weekend. The missing body part that's sitting in the center console will be fixed at the same time (it needs a screw from the salvage yard).

jaminsc2 12-18-2005 03:27 AM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...

The missing body part has been installed.

I have the two bolts needed to re-install the battery hold down bracket. Once I get a battery that fits correctly, all will be good under the hood.

I found a used fuel pump laying around the 'pick and pull' today, and the sending unit is easy to remove/replace. If I can find a new one, without spending $200 on the entire pump assembly, the fuel gauge will be fixed shortly.

The car is almost at 100%... :yes:

jaminsc2 12-23-2005 11:27 AM

Re: 1999 Saturn SL1 for sale ...

The fuel sending unit isn't bad after all. Long story short, there's a problem with the fill hose, vent, etc. I just posted a long winded post in the S-Series Tech forum if your interested in reading the whole story.

So now the only problems are ... You have to pump the gas slowly, and it needs the correct size battery for the hold down strap to function properly.

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