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Bearded1mx3 07-28-2018 05:35 PM

DOHC engine with SOHC Manual tranny
So I'm getting my hands on a sc2 for 200 bux. Guy claims it only has 80k on it. My sohc has 223k so I figure perfect donor for a swap. The donor car is also manual. I'll have the whole car so I know I'll need th er ecu...anythi ng else...I believe it's a 98. My SL1 is a 97 manual. I want to keep my tranny. I dont rem. The trans. Code. But I would rather have the economic transmission. Are their any issues with this?

alordofchaos 07-30-2018 12:39 PM

Re: DOHC engine with SOHC Manual tranny
Let's see if I understand -

You are getting a '98 SC2 and pulling the engine.

You're putting that engine into a '97 SL1?

It will work, but you need the PCM (ECU) from the '98 and the fuel system. The '98 has a returnless system; integrated fuel pressure regulator and filter (located in front of the left rear tire).

Should also pull the instrument panel from the '98 but not critical. I [I]think [/I]the speedo from the '97 will still be accurate but you may want to check

Only problem with the trans is the cruise won't work (in 4th and 5th gear, I believe)

This is probably the first SOHC to DOHC Saturn swap ever written, so is missing a few things from the later models, but is still a pretty good guide

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