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SaturngirlSc2 02-02-2005 12:20 PM

Help- Windshield washer reservoir keeps leaking
I am about to take my VUE in for the 4th time today to fix the windshield wiper reservoir. It keeps leaking fluid. Last time they fixed it was over a couple of months ago (they said that the washer was loose) and it started leaking of it out this weekend..

Has anyone else had this problem??



mbacis 02-02-2005 02:03 PM

Re: Help- Windshield washer reservoir keeps leaking
Yes, this happened to us as well. The hose from the bottom of the reservoir kept coming off. They supposedly fixed it once, but then it wouldn't hold fluid again the next day. I removed the plastic up in the wheel well and could see the hose dangling there. Unfortunately it was too hard to get to myself, I don't think you can get the reservoir out without removing the battery.

Anyway, the second time around they said they used a heavier duty hose clamp. Seems to be holding now. Good luck, that's pretty bad that they still haven't gotten it right for you.

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