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liquiddog976 02-25-2004 11:40 PM

100k miles
I posted on here as liquiddog a couple of years ago. Had just traded in my eagle for a 2001 saturn sc2 and wished for 100k miles. Three years later, 98k is on the odometer and it's still going. I drove it in dallas for 80k miles. The car has been sideways on 75 N at 70 MPH, it has been in the air with all four wheels at 50 mph due to no "dip" sign. (Thanks city of irving)

This car runs like a ak-47. Always seems to work, but not always perfectly.

Serious Maintenance so far:
- 60k miles: intake manifold gasket
- 98k miles: two engine struts broken

Other Maintenance:
- 60k: replaced disc brakes with expensive pads and $15 rotors. Have new break parts with better rotors I'm about to put on to replace cheap warped rotors.
- 95k replaced transmission fluid (forgot @ 5k miles)
- 98k replaced serpentine belt with factory saturn belt
- changed oil, air filter, and replaced spark plugs w/ngk v power at various intervals
- 80k new factory saturn PCV valve ($6), tried oil change shop pcv valve and they do not fit. They pop off and the hose connector is in the wrong spot.

To Do:
struts, suspension is no longer functioning

I'm pretty pleased. I'll post a pic of the odo rolling over 100k. :)

Dr. Bob 02-25-2004 11:44 PM

Only 100K???

You're just getting it broken in!!! :D

LUNCHBOX 02-26-2004 12:48 AM

Not bad, I have a 93SC with over 250,000. I sold another 93SL with over 180,000 back in 2000. I have done typical maintenence but I also work for a retailer so that helps and we have a great junkyard for pcv valves and lots of other great CHEAPLY priced parts.

71_307 02-26-2004 10:27 AM

100000 miles in 2/3 years damn you do alot of driving

SexyMexi02SC2 02-26-2004 10:32 AM

*sigh* I'm only on about 20,000 miles but I dream of the day... :)
glad to see another satisfied Saturn owner. Spread the good word, my man!

SL2Ghost42 02-26-2004 12:18 PM

Sounds like all the problems you've had, have been absolutely normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I've had to replace PCV valve, intake manifold gasket, spark plugs, positive battery wire, and serpentine belt. I NEED to replace an engine mount still, and I need new rotors too.
Saturn's cheap rotors i've heard good and bad about, they do take a while to go out but they are pretty cheap.
I'm on 48,800 miles now, and this is the first rotor replacement I think. Maybe second, but not sure.

Your intake manifold gasket lasted a REALLY LONG TIME! It's only supposed to last I think they said "35,000". Mine made it to "46000". But 60000? WOW! You got a nice one there.

SLVR_Saturn 02-26-2004 01:54 PM

Im at about 28K, *sigh*, I'll reach 100K someday:cool:

SW2Muck 02-26-2004 02:21 PM

My old SW2 got crunched at 98K. My current had 37K when I bought it back in June, it now has 48K on it. I got a ways to go!

Capone72 02-26-2004 03:08 PM

I really wanted mine to see 200000...but 193656 was as far as I got...She had alot of life left in her though..

Petey 02-26-2004 07:01 PM

intake manifold gasket?! Mine has 108K and never been changed knock on wood, its a 97 sl2. I have changed out the idler pulley and fixed a leaking sunroof thats about it :)

ProDarwin 02-26-2004 10:28 PM

As long as you do the maitenence, you are good for another 100k easy. I'm betting with minor maitenance, mine would break 300k, but with the amount of driving I do, and the lack of a garage, I'm not going to try.

The only problem I have with my car right now is just the tires suck.

Anyways, good luck on your way to the 200k mark.

sonicsaturn99 02-27-2004 02:11 PM

i'd love to reach 100,000!!!!! i keep blowing up engines at about 87,000!

liquiddog976 02-28-2004 12:17 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ProDarwin [/i]
The only problem I have with my car right now is just the tires suck.

Anyways, good luck on your way to the 200k mark. [/B][/QUOTE]

Dunlop Sport A2's definitely blow away the stock tires. I can ignore rain with them.

And thanks, it would be nice if it kept going that long. :)

liquiddog976 03-18-2004 03:32 PM


There is now 100,070 miles. I am trying to figure out how to get a picture. Hopefully my webcam still works.

[list][*]Have KYB struts and Saturn strut mounts. Taking a pause before putting them on and looking at the possibility of Eibach springs.[*]Needs rear drum brakes. Took to my usual tire place and they wanted $400 for aftermarket drums, wheel cylinders, shoes, and installation. Planning to get the parts from a online Saturn dealer and have my neighbor show me how to do drum brakes for $100. (He's ASE certified in brakes) Total cost: ~$300 for the job with *original* parts.[*]After furthur research, realized same tire place has been charging me a little over market for my Dunlop Sport A2's. Currently staring like a little kid at the Tire Rack/Goodyear solution which looks much cheaper.[*]Weird stumble in idle after the engine gets to normal operating temperature. Likely first try: replacing aftermarket wires with saturn wires, new spark plugs, coil inspection. Hopefully that will fix it[*]It needed an O2 sensor. Saturn put it on. (can we say warranty? :)[*]Currently getting 30.5 MPG. Daily driving scenario is wading through the parking lot that "they" claim is a highway, with short bursts of speed up to 70 for maybe a minute. Then back to 5 MPH. Some smooth highway driving during non-peak hours, but limited.[/list]

Craig 03-18-2004 05:53 PM

Well, my '95 SW2 has almost 184,000 on it and still going strong. Aside from the normal wear and tear items, it needed a new EGR valve at 141,000, a new motor mount at 150,000, a clutch at 171,000, and an output shaft bearing (transmission rebuild to do that) at 175,000. The muffler went at 115,000, so I put a Borla on it and eventually a '92 header and SPS stainless steel cat-back. Got a little over 33mpg on my last tank, pretty good for this time of year with all the snow and crap we got.

purepwrSL2 03-18-2004 10:49 PM

wow ! 100k in very periods of time ?? my satty only got 56k miles on it and only 10yrs old. where you go piling up that many miles in short yrs time frame ?? You must been travel around the world with it LOL . I like to see my car clocks 100k too , but it will takes a while to see that numbers,, i guess somewhere pass the yr 2010 to see my car clicks it over 100k :D

Kronos70 03-18-2004 11:18 PM

My '93 SL1 had 137k when my friend "gave" her to me... it cost me $700 to get her running again. It seems someone :o: forgot to put the oil cap back on and it ran a while with no oil. The Timing chain, and gear needed replacement, plus the misc odds & ends.

She starts up fine, and sometimes there's a little valve noise untill the oil starts to flow, but she seems to run fine...except when I step on it, I sometimes see blue smoke comming out the tailpipe. Saturn shop said it'd cost me $2200 to rebuild the engine. :whoa: He also said that if I keep on top of the oil lose, that it shouldn't be a problem.

Now I've put over 700 miles on her, and she's gotten two oil changes, because the oil gets dark quick. I guess that's because of either the oil rings, OR the valve seals are bad...what do you all think? any guesses? :)

Oh! last thing, anyone know of any place where I can get the control module that deals with the seatbelts cheaper than $150 from the dealer? It's not too big of a deal, but when I open my door and the car is off, the chime goes off... hee hee the control module is seeing things backwords.

liquiddog976 03-19-2004 12:41 AM


The miles were accumulated from driving on I35 in between Dallas and Austin as well as to Sam Houston National Forest and a few areas north of Houston from Dallas. My car has never left Texas. :) Most of them were the Dallas<->Austin drive. I put so many miles on the car doing that drive I finally just moved here to Austin. :) I currently do about 1.5k miles/month, but in Texas how could you not? That's just going back and forth to work and seeing friends in and around town.

Amazingly I only crashed one time in that period. She (her) was going thru a parking lot in a black car in the dark (tornado season) without her lights on, going really fast. I nudged her large metal car in the side at about 5 MPH. I had engaged the clutch but had not yet commited to going forward. A few months later my headlight started accumulating moisture. I got a new assembly and put it on myself in five minutes. You should have seen her car... Creased metal across two body panels.

I did mention to her she might look into getting a plastic car since they just bounce when they hit things. HAHA

94sc293sl1 03-19-2004 01:31 AM

Congrats on hitting 100K! My SC2 is a '94, and I finally hit 90K last weekend, LOL.
As for tires, I got some Falken Ziex 512s at Discount Tire last fall, just over $300 including lifetime free replacement warranty. They've seemed good so far, and are pretty highly rated.

liquiddog976 03-19-2004 02:00 AM

I remember getting a full set of the dunlops at around 20k miles because I hated the originals. I wore those out eventually and one set went completely bald. I replaced that set with sumitomos. I don't even want to discuss these tires which are still a fungus on my car. The other pair of dunlops finally went bald and contained flat spots from being locked up hard once. I replaced those with more dunlops. I have the sumitomos up front where they will hopefully wear out after 20k miles or so. They aren't really that bad, I just got spoiled by the dry/wet traction and handling of the dunlops and now I hate anything less.

I used to put yokohama on my eagle and I never cared for those either. They felt stiff compared to goodyear tires which came with it.

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