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EastCoastARB 02-19-2017 09:12 AM

Intoducing myself and getting input possibly
Hey everyone i just joined. The name is andrew. I am 23 years old living on the east coast. So i just wanted to introduce myself and along with that; bring my issue up to you all.

- So years back I had a car that i totaled and and the outcome of that was buying my first saturn. ( 03 Saturn Ion QC level 2 or 3, manual trans) I had it on the roads for about 6 months, around 120k miles. Shortly have doing an oil change it died. What happened was i parked on a slope and when i got back in it to crank it, it made a noise as if the chain was smacking against the cover. The car was never fired up/driven after the chain noise. Long story short, i took it to my family's shop and when i started ripping it apart, i found almost all of the rocker arms were just snapped in half. I figured the pistons were junk too... So i took it out and the QC has been sitting there ever since.

- I belong to a salvage yard auction site and you can get some nice deals. I spent many weeks trying to find an 03 ion in the PA/NY/NJ area. Finally found one about 1 1/2 hours away. This happened to be a 03 Saturn ion sedan. AUTO. This site clearly showed it was a 49k mile car. I ended up getting it for 600$! undercarriage pretty rusty, my guess is sitting and being in NY in general didn't help. Then when i loaded the car up it had delayed shifted, and has the sound as if a wheel bearing is bad. Basically this is where i stand now.. my QC has no motor and without thinking as we were cleaning up our shop we scrapped the motor. So i recently got the clutch kit . My theory was if i did this, i would part the sedan out. I'm almost 100% sure i will just put the low mileage sedan engine in my QC but have to swap trans first.

1. Since i have the clutch kit (clutch disc, clutch cover, alignment tool, slave cylinder, and flywheel...Am i missing anything?

2. Considering that i never transferred the title, fixed the "Bearing" noise or trans problems.. Do yous think i should swap motors?

3. I have a goal for the QC, which is get it running, and paint it. It's silver now and i wanna change it to sunburst orange and lower it slightly. Makes it look good imo. What do yous think about that?

4. Last is interior, QC interior is in between bad and good shape. While sedan is nearly perfect with mint leather seats and what seems to be the better factory stereo system. ( sedan has the factory amp under speakers in the back, while QC doesn't). Anybody know for sure if Leather sedan seats will fit , and the back seats as well? And can i swap radios,speakers, and amp easily.

My conclusion

1. Swapping the motor and or/parting the sedan out is saving me money because i can do it myself. I dont think ill find another 49k mile motor for the car. I could just take the engine out, get a higher mileage motor and resell the sedan. but then i need to do title work , putanother motor in... etc

So help me out, feel free to post any input!! Thanks!!:hmpf:

fdryer 02-19-2017 09:34 AM

Re: Intoducing myself and getting input possibly
With an Ion, it may be better to have the Admin (Charlie) move this thread to the Ion Tech forums where you're more likely to have members reading and replying. Look down the bottom of this page and click on Contact Us; this will open a page to note your desire to the admin. With daily spam to remove, he should be able to reply quickly otherwise copy and re-post in the Ion Tech forums.

EastCoastARB 02-19-2017 10:02 AM

Re: Intoducing myself and getting input possibly

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