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dannysm213 12-10-2006 03:28 PM

Throttle sticks - not throttle body - help!
Hey -

I just bought a 92 Saturn SC 5 speed (my first Saturn, and my first stick). But, the throttle sticks sometimes when you rev it to about 3000 RPMs. I'm searched the forums and haven't found anything like my problem. I already cleaned the throttle body, and after driving it about a block, it already began to stick again. I have WD40ed the spring as well, and that didn't fix it. Sometimes it can be cleared up by pressing in the throttle a few times - sometimes that doesn't fix it. I've also noticed that if the car is in neutral, popping the clutch a few times will sometimes cause the revs to drop down as well. Any ideas?


RalliArt16 12-10-2006 05:18 PM

Re: Throttle sticks - not throttle body - help!
did you remove the throttle body and clean it? most of the gunk accumulates on the bACK of the throttle plate

94sc2boy 12-10-2006 05:20 PM

Re: Throttle sticks - not throttle body - help!
take off the intake tube to see the throttle blade.

check your linkage

check to see if your PCV valve rattles.

It might be a sensor like my problem


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