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Raiderdean 02-15-2001 08:12 PM

Tire Size
I have a 92 sl1 with stock wheels and tires (i think they're something like 175/70/14). I want to get new tires. I kinda want the widest tires that will fit for handleing. I also commute 150 miles a day so gas mileage and wear is important. Does anyone have suggestions on size and brand?

Saturn_x2001 02-16-2001 04:17 AM

Wow, 150 miles a day is alot of miles! I use to have to drive about 70 miles a day when I was working.

Anyway, I think 205's are the widest tires you can fit on stock Saturn wheels without spacers (I could be wrong though). I don't know if you plan on getting new wheels. I wanted to drop my car an inch and get 15" wheels, with 205/45/15 Pirelli P4000 All-season touring tires. My friend has Pirelli P4000's on his T-bird and he said they handle REALLY well. Plus, you live in CA so you *may* not have to worry too much about weather. You might want to check out a tire place for correct sizes for you wheels, or you can check out the Tire Rack at

hope this helps!

Whelan 02-20-2001 12:40 PM

I to own a 92 SL1, I have seen and looked at many options for wheel tire combos. I would go up to 16" for the wheel size and that gives you a wider tire plus very good performance. Head to there you can select your wheel and they automatically fit the tire size for it and let you select out of tons of tire brands. Plus you can see what the rims look like on your car and even get them to balance and set the wheels with the tires on them upon shipping. Very good site, chek it out.


p.s- I would personally go for the Mille Migllia Spiders 15" and get a set of yokohoma's all season performance.

todd 02-23-2001 11:00 AM

I previously owned a '92 SL1 before I acquired my '94 SC2. Anyway, I had the 175/70/14's and they were horrible. I switched to a set of 195/60/14 Bridgestone Potenza RE930 and loved the tire - in fact I have a set of 195/60/15 on my SC2 now. Runs about $55-65/tire from Tire Rack. Plus zero sizes for the SL1 would be 185/65/14 and 195/60/14.

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