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OnDaGround 08-01-2008 11:45 AM

Need some help... ugh
What are the symptoms of a bad harmonic balancer? Like would it shake a little at idle if its just starting to go bad. Thats the only time I notice it. Its not on my satty, but the chevy... but the symptoms would be more than relatively similar.

OnDaGround 08-01-2008 12:01 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
i know as stupid as this sounds, the engine sounds like it is unbalanced, you can feel it rock a little when sitting still. I mean its very minimal even my future wife can't feel it, maybe I'm crazy. I dont have any issues with the car, I just wanted to figure out what it may be

gchapell 08-01-2008 12:32 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
upper motor mount. Do a search on this forum.
Good luck.

OnDaGround 08-01-2008 01:20 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
I thought it might be a mount too. but like I said it rocks, but goes with the flow. thanks bro

PurdueGuy 08-01-2008 01:27 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
yeah, I'd be looking into motor mounts too, as well as making sure it's not a minor misfire or something causing the engine to run rough.

OldNuc 08-01-2008 02:04 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
If its a 350 you check for failed damper by checking the timing mark. If it is not at TDC when the marks think it is then its shot.

OnDaGround 08-01-2008 02:47 PM

Re: Need some help... ugh
I thought about it being a minor miss... but the issue with checking plugs and wire is you have to disconnect the motor mounts and rock the motor forward. I gotta find the time to do it. I'm sure the car could use spark plugs and wires. Ahhh front wheel drive V6. Ive thought about it being a small miss and upper engine mount, which is good that my thoughts and yours are the same (just more professional experience than one person). Sometimes we are so stuck that it is one thing that we can't see other alternatives. Its a 3.1 v6 chevy malibu. Its a nice car but a B**** to work on. Thanks guys I just wanted to see if it may be something else that I don't know anything about... harmonic balancer.... But all the other stuff is things that I've thought of. With Vw to test a broken motor mount is power brake it for a sec, and as soon as you accel it will jerk forward. Tried that, didn't work. I haven't got the tool to rock it forward with out pulling it off the mounts to get plugs and wires. I'm gonna take care of it this weekend, even if it doesn't fix it... atleast I know they've been done. My mom owned the car before me, now she knows her cars (we are a southren family... not rednecks... but we know are shiz) but my stepdad (computer nerd) was driving the car and not taking good care of it... so they gave it to me and my fiance (we are a young couple trying to make it) she's in college on schedule and I haven't started (money ugh...) So.... I dont know when the last time the plugs and what not were changed, and if it is a tiny miss, I'd rather take care of it now then to have a cracked spark plug while driving to work one day

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