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Belly58 11-03-2019 09:52 PM

2007 Saturn Vue battery and service vehicle soon lights on
Have a 2007 Saturn Vue with the 3.5 by. Son was driving it the other day and it died in the middle of a 4 lane road. I tried to jump start it but no luck. The battery tested under 5 volts. Bought a new battery and it started right up. Now the battery and service vehicle soon lights are on. I used a digital meter and it only reads 12v when running so it's not charging. I took the ground off from the negative that went to the wheel well and cleaned it good. Warning lights are still on. I see another ground wire that looks like it goes to the starter under the radiator hoses and the alternator looks like it's on the other side under the air box. Any suggestions on how to get to or remove the alternator or starter. Any other suggestions on things to try other than alternator? thanks

fdryer 11-04-2019 01:00 AM

Re: 2007 Saturn Vue battery and service vehicle soon lights on
The battery light remaining on is pointing to the alternator. All 12v vehicles have two voltages, battery@12.5v/engine off and alternator (engine running) output@14.5v. Alternator output varies between 13v-15v with 14.5 as average. Power connections; battery positive cable to fuse boxes and starter, battery negative cable to chassis stud nearby and chassis stud to engine block. Another power feed from the starter to alternator side terminal powers the alternator. This wire is the fusible link between battery and alternator via starter connection.

With engine off, you can measure the fusible link wire in two places, at the starter terminal with the battery cable and fusible link wire and at the alternator side terminal. Both ends of the fusible link wire should measure 12.5v. Verifying battery voltage at the alternator terminal verifies the fusible link is intact or blown. Intact, the alternator failed.

The service engine soon light may be false error codes due to the Vue running on battery power when the alternator failed. Voltage dropping below a certain value, around 10v, scares electronics. Some specs states electronics may operate as low as 9vdc before odd symptoms related to low voltages suddenly creates error codes. Battery power is mainly needed to power the starter. Once the engine runs, the alternator begins outputting all the power the vehicle needs while recharging the battery. Your Vue is running on battery power on due to faulty wiring, connections or faulty alternator.

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