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kdsimms 06-29-2012 05:48 AM

Reinstall '06 ION Driver Seat cushion
Just picked up an '06 ION for my daughter and love the car.

The driver's seat cushion cover is not attached on the front seam. The long plastic clip is not attached.

When you look at the cushion from above, you can see it is sitting forward too much, by about 1-2 inches. The front portion of the cushion is not attached to any thing.

I tried pushing the cushion toward the back where the cushion would match the contour of the plastic trim, but it won't move.

So, how do you uninstall and then reinstall the seat cushion properly, so I can re-seat the cover's plastic clip in the front?

Thanks in advance for your help.

2006 ion2 06-29-2012 08:08 AM

Re: Reinstall '06 ION Driver Seat cushion
Does out have a height adjustable seat? If so, try lowering the seat all the way.

n8rg8r 07-28-2012 01:16 PM

Re: Reinstall '06 ION Driver Seat cushion
I'm having the very same issue in my '05 driver seat cushion....
Any advice as to how to reattach the cushion would be greatly appreciated!

n8rg8r 07-28-2012 02:08 PM

Re: Reinstall '06 ION Driver Seat cushion
ok, i think i just figured out how to reconnect the seat cover/cushion on the driver and passenger seats in my ion.
you may notice a plastic "c" grooved bar hanging from the front of the cushion cover (there are two smaller ones on the backside of the seat connecting the back of the cushion to the seat frame).
if this "c" grooved bar is hanging loose at the front of your cushion cover and not connected, gently rub your hand under the seat to feel the frame (you can also lift the cushion up a little to see the seat frame)
the leading edge of the frame is a smoother steel piece with 3 bumps in it....
sit in the sit to apply pressure on the cushion, take both hands, grab the c bar at the edge of the seat cover...rotate the c bar "inside" so the groove is open upward...
push/pull the seat cover down as hard as you can to get it to slide over the edge of the seat frame (the hardest part i had with this was getting the foam out of the way to get the c bar over the flat edge of the seat frame)
those 3 bumps i mentioned....when you get the c bar over the seat frame edge, push hard to make the connection between the bar and the will click into place at those 3 points (bumps)
...and there ya's reconnected...
if it doesn't click, either that c bar is damaged or you didn't squeeze that connection hard enough at those 3 points...
again, my hardest problem was manuevering the cushion out of the way to allow the c bar to meet the seat frame...
your cushion MAY be a little out of whack since the cover isn't sewn to the foam cushion....
mine is out a little, but not bad enough for me to worry about it...
if yours is bad, you can disconnect the back two c bars at the back of the seat and try and reposition the cover over the foam....
....hope that helps as it seemed to fix mine more or less...but, it came off once, so may again and probably has everything to do with how the person slides in and out of the seat....
i tried lowering and raising my seat, but that didn't seem to have much of a difference....
i did reinstall that clip while the seat was raised simply to allow my fingers enough room to rotate that clip and reattach it to the frame...
good luck!

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