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Medd1 09-04-2019 08:11 AM

BCM problem??
Hey everyone, I have a 2003 saturn vue v6 awd
Automatic. I went camping and somehow a light got left on and killed the battery, so the only thing I could do was jump the car off my buddy's car. So now after jumping it the car runs and drives fine but I have no power locks, can't even open the rear hatch.. and no dash lights at all but the radio still works. Also the headlights are pretty dim. Did I fry the BCM on this thing? Or maybe a relay if if lucky? And help/input is appreciated, thanks.

jnoonfelt14 09-04-2019 08:42 AM

Re: BCM problem??
I highly doubt jump starting a car would cause electrical damage unless it was hooked up backwards and jumped... that'll destroy the electronics in any car. Do your power locks not work on the inside switches, key FOB, or both? Also, have your battery and alternator tested. Usually if a battery dies, and one uses the alternator to recharge it, it usually damages the charging system. Have them tested. Places like Autozone do that for free.

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