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PlasticCarsRock 08-21-2012 10:25 PM

a/c compressor whine
I have another unusual Saturn a/c problem. This is a second generation S-Series (not sure the year--it's not my car). The owner replaced the compressor and condenser trying to fix a poor performance issue. I think he tried a junkyard compressor and then a parts store rebuilt, with no improvement. I replaced the original compressor, the receiver dryer, and the TXV, which was the cause of the original complaint. I added the correct amount of oil to the receiver, but left the compressor alone (he had not drained it). He claims he flushed the system and added the correct amount of oil, but the only thing I'm sure of is that he's fairly incompetent, when it comes to a/c work. I suggested that I re-flush the system and re-add the oil, but he declined.

The a/c works fine now: I did a full performance test on a warm night and a hot day, and it performs exactly to spec (vent temperatures at various ambients are all at the low end of the provided ranges, etc).

However, apparently now the compressor makes a whining noise when accelerating, only "at night". The noise goes away as soon as the button is pressed to turn off the a/c, so that should rule out an alternator noise (the fan is still running for a little while, and the clutch draw is not significant).

I assume the reason for the noise only taking place at night when accelerating is that the compressor is exceeding its normal displacement for the conditions. When it's cool at night, the compressor is at or near its minimum displacement, at higher rpms. When you slow down, displacement increases to compensate for the slower speed, and as you then accelerate, the displacement is a bit excessive for a moment, until it can re-adjust to a lower displacement. It does not whine at constant speed, so I believe the variable displacement feature of the compressor is functioning normally. Could the system be low on oil, and only causing a noise when the low side pressure is dropping too low to carry any oil?

I haven't heard the noise myself, but I hope to put a set of gauges on it soon.

The system is charged correctly and does not leak.

Any ideas?


fdryer 08-21-2012 11:38 PM

Re: a/c compressor whine
Without knowing the correct amount of oil replaced with two compressors, its anyone's guess if this system is over or under oiled. With nothing to lose, it might be worth adding 2 ozs of oil to the system and see otherwise there's no more to do unless a full system flush is done. There's no way to know if this system is contaminated from the junk yard one and if it had any oil. The same with the rebuilt one, if it had any oil. Whining is most likely the lack of oil or an insufficient amount.

The bulk of the make up oil amount comes from the original drained compressor and condenser coil (service manual spec). Did you refer to the service manual for guidance on what amounts are expected to be used?

OldNuc 08-21-2012 11:44 PM

Re: a/c compressor whine
Actually hearing the "whine" may prove enlightening. I would want to hear what it actually sounded like before attempting to fix it. Might be oil, might be contamination, might be slipping belt(not likely), or many other things.

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