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SaturnownerinTO 06-21-2016 08:35 PM

2008 Saturn Aura Radio Lock Code?
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows/has updated info regarding how to retrieve the radio code for a 2008 Saturn Aura.

My old radio died (no power to the unit, turn indicator sound not working). I purchased a used radio from an auto salvage and installed it. The unit shows power (and the turn indicator sound works), but the screen displays "LOC".

I've seen other threads on the forum saying to press and hold various radio preset buttons (1&4, 2&3, etc), for 10 seconds to obtain the code; some posts say you then have to press and hold the AM/FM button for the rest of the code. Then you call a GM number, enter your info and it'll provide a new code.

However, I've also seen that this appears to be an OLD process (model year 2000 and earlier) and that newer radios were linked to/associated to the car's VIN.

Any info would be appreciated... I'm kinda dreading having to bring it into a dealership for what seems like such a simple thing.


onefunkar 06-22-2016 09:51 AM

Re: 2008 Saturn Aura Radio Lock Code?
i believe you are thinking of the older radios, thru approx 2000, where people entered a security code. by the days of your car the radio knows the vin of your car and will only work in that vehicle to prevent theft. when getting a new radio im pretty sure need the gm computer to learn the radio to vin of your car.

SaturnownerinTO 06-22-2016 03:16 PM

Re: 2008 Saturn Aura Radio Lock Code?
Thanks onefunkar. I called a local GM dealership and they said the same thing...have to hook the car up to their computer to get unlock the radio... They're going to charge me $60 (CDN) for the service though...seems steep, but I might not have another choice :(

Gripcon 06-29-2016 09:32 PM

Re: 2008 Saturn Aura Radio Lock Code?
Thats what you need to do. I paid $50 US a few years ago.

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