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rolandoSaturn 09-27-2017 05:30 PM

Power window, ignition and turn signal issues due to blown 15amp fuse
Electrical issues sucks, especially when itís not straightforward fix. I have a Saturn Outlook 2008. One day, my keys were locked on the ignition switch. Could not get them out. The only way to get the keys out is to remove the vinyl cover of the ignition switch, and manually press the lever that unlocks key.

A few days later, I find the the power windows is not working on all doors. Was not happy that there were issues on the windows and the ignition keys. At the time, I didnít know these issues were related. I thought they were separate issues that came at the same times

I took it to three technicians, first two could not figure out what was going on. Third technician specialized in [B][U]power windows[/U][/B], and he took two days to diagnose. At first he thought it was the power window control on the driver door. He replaced it with an OEM part and that did not work. He checked that power was going in the wires, the fuses for the power windows were fine. He had researched online and found that malfunctioning turn signals are related. I had to get the car back to pick my son from school, so I told him I will check the signal lights

Later in the day, I saw the passenger turn signal (right side) was not working. Something I overlooked when you have ignition and power window issues. I went and changed the light bulb and still wasnít working. So I checked the 15amp fuse that was for the passenger turn signal, and saw that was blown. I replaced the[B] FUSE FOR THE PASSENGER TURN SIGNAL.[/B] [B]THE PASSENGER TURN SIGNAL WORKS, AND SO DID THE POWER WINDOWS AND THE IGNITION KEY.[/B]

I am so mad that GM made the electrical this way. If I taken it to a dishonest mechanic or dealership, it would of cost me thousands of dollars, when it takes $4 to replace a fuse for the turn signal, thatís not even suppose to be related to ignition or power windows.

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