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charger99 05-29-2019 12:39 AM

2008 Vue XR Shifter Light replacement
Would anyone have some guidance on replacing the light bulb under the shifter in the center console of a 2008 Vue XR? I have tried going at it from the top by removing the bezel from around the shifter but still can't see much. I am assuming the driver side console panel has to come off but I am not sure how to do this nor if this is really the best method.

Any help would be appreciated.



hudypete1 07-09-2019 11:28 AM

Re: 2008 Vue XR Shifter Light replacement
Easiest that I have seen:
[LIST=1][*]On the shifter itself, lower the silver, bottom part of the shifter. It is held in place by two interior latches, one on either side, but you can't see them because they are on the inside of the piece. Gently & firmly, pry down between the silver piece and the knob at the top. [*]With the bottom piece slide down, loosen the screw on the backside (really the front of the vehicle side) of the knob[*]Remove the knob[*]Gently & firmly pry off the surround bezel. I believe that there are 4 clips that hold it iirc. Regardless, it is pretty easy to pry off.[*]The whole base piece with the light in it is held in place in three areas: left, right and back. In each of those areas there are two clips facing in opposite directions. What I have seen to work best is work on one area at a time, and lever both of those clips so they disengage simultaneously, and then leave that side disengaged while you work on the other ones. I prefer working left, then right, then back.[*]With all three areas disengaged, the whole base piece will lift up. There are two cables going to it, one for the light and the other I don't remember (maybe it is only attached and runs up the post, I don't recall)[*]The light twists off 45 degrees one way or the other. I think it loosens left but I don't recall 100% (sorry)[/LIST]

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