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JosephN79 03-25-2019 05:08 PM

High Beams Stay On
I took my Saturn out today, itís been sitting a few weeks.

I come home and notice after a half hour the high beams are still on. They stay on regardless of if ignition is off or on, if I pull the parking brake. If I turn lights off and on they do so, as well as turn signals. The high beams never go off.

I read that it could be the ďclickerĒ or stalk needs replaced. I already have it out, it would be super easy to replace.

The article I read was on an SL1, and never got any closure from the OP of a new switch worked, or any resolution for that matter.

Also, pulled the DRL relay and that didnít turn them off, just a stab.

Thanks for any help!

JosephN79 03-25-2019 05:16 PM

Re: High Beams Stay On
Soooo, anyway.

I disconnected the battery and the lights went off. I figured Iíll put it pack on real fast and see if they come back on. They didnít come back on. I hooked everything back up and everything works as it should.

Iím a little gun shy after owning this guy for the past 6 years, so Iím still guarded. Lol. Could my switch be going bad?


far2grumpy 03-26-2019 10:12 AM

Re: High Beams Stay On
One side of headlamps are "hard-wired" to battery (thru fuses).

Possible causes of high beams staying on:

1. Ground side wire of lighting circuit intermittently shorted to ground or one of following keeping ground applied.

2. Sticky HEAD LAMP Relay (part of auto headlight system - I/P fuse block).

3. Lighting stalk problem - either high-beam activation or flash-to-pass.

4. Internal BCM problem.

JosephN79 03-26-2019 07:31 PM

Re: High Beams Stay On
Hmmm.. itís all good still since I disconnected/reconnected the battery cable. Hopefully just one of those things and I wonít have to deal with it til later. 👀

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