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djsmoove 09-18-2011 12:50 PM

help help help 2000 sc2
just an attention grabberf... im on my way to get a throttlebody gasket and hope ti have answers by the time i get back.
i have a sc2 dohc and im wanting to know or atlaest find a vid on how to remove the throttle body. its not by the egr valve as we all know..

are there any vids to show how to remove it on a 2000 sc2?

when replacing it is there some type of gasket seal i should put on with the gasket?

is it just the 2 bolts holding it on?

should i use anti seize lube on bolts when im putting it back on.

is it safe to clean electrical connectors with electrical cleaner from auto parts store for engine electrical?

egr valve change is it safe to use electrical cleaner on connectors and anti seize for the bolst as well?

well off to get my parts with the good ole 35 dollars off promo from advance auto :) i want to thank u in advance for the help. i should return in about an hour the store that has my parts are about a 20 min drive . soo daddy and his twin 4 yr old girlfriends (yep no boyfriends for them lol) are getting the the explorer and going for a ride!!!

2NDSOUT 09-18-2011 01:18 PM

Re: help help help 2000 sc2
Here's a video on how to remove the throttle body cable.


Removing the Throttle Body is 2 (10MM) bolts. One on the top left and one on the bottom right.

Throttle Body is located at the back of the engine on the driver's side. The Air Snorkle is connected to it.

Just a flat Throttle Body Gasket is all you need. It will probably be $4-$5.

No need to use anti-seize on the bolts.

You can use the electrical spray cleaner if you need to on the electrical connectors.

djsmoove 09-18-2011 05:12 PM

Re: help help help 2000 sc2
thnaks bro,, im gonna post some pics soon and i a going to ask another question... when taking off the tb i see i have a plastic orange gasket ring.. should i jus place the one i bought on top of that .. its still in good shape.. real good. also u know when u take off the tb and u have it in ur hand and u look at the hole on the car.. its caked with some thick gunk.. how in thew world to get that? i cleaned the tb real reall good looks new oil is drained. along with the work for the satty.. if someone can help with that gunky stuff if its ok to leave it or spray carb cleaner in it... got pics gonna post after. also u gonna see that hood the sl hood on a sc2 lol dont laugh

madpogue 09-18-2011 06:39 PM

Re: help help help 2000 sc2
The gen-3 DOHC does NOT use a flat gasket. It's an "o-ring" type gasket. MOST parts store databases have the SOHC and DOHC listings reversed for gen-3. And it's in the middle of the intake manifold, not on the left side.

But since it's an o-ring style gasket, there's a good chance it can be re-used when you replace it.

To remove the carbon deposits in the manifold, you can use something like Seafoam or Seafoam Deep Creep.

djsmoove 09-18-2011 08:01 PM

Re: help help help 2000 sc2
thanks.. so now my next question ... i just changed my plugs and did one by one.. but had to change one wire with another and want to make sure the order at the coil pack is correct its going 4,1,3,2 at the coil pack not the top of engine.. am i correct on that? sorry i fail to take pics

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