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IONic_2004 05-23-2020 11:02 AM

2004 vue 2.2 p0480
im having a problem with my low speed cooling fan. problem it runs non stop whenever the engine is running. key on engine off it doesnt run. i have checked the fuses the relays and even swapped the relays with the high speed relay. i replaced the coolant temperature sensor, cooling fan resister located behind the driver headlight (i replaced the correct one not the DRL resistor) what happens is the cooling fan is always running. i checked and got code P0480, if i clear the code the fan shuts off and turns back on a few seconds later. i know clearing the code doesnt fix the problem but when the code comes back it comes back as a pending code, then the next key cycle it triggers the CEL

i did some research on this forum and removed both relays and jumped terminals 30 and 87 on both low speed and high speed and the fan runs when doing this

i also read the AC pressure switch might have something to do with it so i unplugged it and didnt change anything. im out of ideas so if anybody has any other suggestions? im not that good at electrical diagnosis but with this Covid-19 stuff i have been laid off and cannot really afford to take to a shop which is usually what i do when stuff becomes too much for me which is why any help is appreciated

i do own a multimeter. the vehicle is a 2004 VUE 2.2 5 speed

bern 05-25-2020 08:15 PM

Re: 2004 vue 2.2 p0480
The DTC P0480 is for the ECM detects an open on the low speed cooling fan relay control circuit. I suspect the ECM is switching on the high speed fan because the low speed control circuit has an open.
Recheck the 20 amp cool low fuse. also check that both legs of the fuse fits tight in to the fuse block terminals. (an old fuse with one leg cut off makes a good terminal tightness tester). You can also remove the fuse block then inspect all of the terminals on the bottom of fuse block and in the harness connector. If you are over 40 use reading glasses and a flash light. inspect for burnt terminal and or melted plastic. When reinstalling the fuse block don't forget to tighten the (3) 7mm bolts.

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