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harleydogs 03-29-2005 11:48 AM

Groan or Vibration Rear of 05 Vue
Just got 05 v6 AWD. Seems to be a groan and/or Vibration in rear. I would say it acts like bad u-joints on other vehicle without any clunking doesn't do it all the time most noticable at 1400 rpm 52-53 mph is this related to RDM issues or just tire noise. Getting ready to take check to dealer, bought it last week with my financing.

Think I will drive and exact and if no problem will replace it under 30 day satisfaction thingey. Or is this normal moans and groans for the Vue. Just don't want to have a bad trans or differential if that may be it.

Comments Appreciated.

Otherwise I have no complaints for the price.

Just found another post looks like it could be the driveshaft out of balance thingy. If it is normal I won't worry about it.

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