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Ken Baker 11-01-2003 10:52 AM

New to forum (Vue Views)
New to forum (Vue Views)

2002 , 5,speed manual, FWD
Purchased June 2002
Milage to date 63000K(39,600mi.)
My age 63
Previously owned a number of Safari Vans over 10 yrs. Immediately prior to the vue was
a 2001 SL1 which I got tired of falling in and crawling out of after 8 mo.

I have been reading the posts for awhile and will answer a number of the threads as they
pertain to my vehicle.

I use the car for stop and go driving. Have had a trip of 1000mi. in September. The
vehicle motored along at up to 130 K(81mph) without a shudder. I put new tires on at
50000K because of the trip. Would have changed them about 60000 anyway for the
winter (B.F.Goodrich 215/70R/16 Long Trails.)

Warrenty items:

1. 30 min. after taking delivery the speedometer fell to ZERO and cruise control
disengaged. Returned to dealership where they found a failed speed sensor. Fixed with
one off a vehicle in the lot.
2. 2, O2 sensors failed. Only indication was an illuminated “service engine soon light”
3. Ignition switch failed to return to run on it’s own. Replaced
4. Klunking in transmission at low speed when gass given or let off. Fixed by retorquing
front axle bolts.
5. Right windshield washer nozel blew out. Replaced.
6. Sway bar replaced in 12th month.(40000K)
7. ABS began to operate below 5K on every stop. Speed sensor right rear wheel replaced.
8. Driver seat fabric began to rip. Seat replaced .

Can’t think of any more. I am on my own now that I have passed 60000K The dealership
fixed all problems promptly and even offered me a replacement vehicle for as long as it
took to get the speed sensor for the ABS problem. Could have been up to two weeks over
last Christmas. I suggested they take one off a car on the lot. They did and I was away in
30 min.
I have had no transmission problems. Shifting is fine.
I notice that there is a slight haze to the left headlight lens.

I like the vehicle very much. It is the most comfortable I have ever driven on long trips, is
economical (25/28mpg us) and easy to maneuver in traffic. The shifting took some
getting use to so as to be in the right gear for accelleration after making a turn. Skip
shifting can be used to advantage as well.RPM must be a minimum of 1500 to obtain
acceptable accelleration.
There that’s my disertation on the VUE

BradJK 11-02-2003 03:45 PM

A few more warranty claims than one might want but considering this was a first year unit it's not overly bad.

Glad to hear it hasn't poisoned your view of your Vue.

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