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alaa 10-24-2014 10:09 PM

2000 Saturn SL transmission issues
I just bought a 2000 Saturn SL, it has transmission issues. When I first got the car (about a week ago) it had codes P0732, P0733, P0783. It felt like the car was very sluggish when taking off as if there's no 1st gear, also there was no reverse or neutral, putting the car in reverse or neutral would make it go forward as if it is in drive. I followed the procedure for reverse slam/ no reverse and forward gears cure. I replaced the valve body, both input and output shaft nuts. When torquing the input and output shaft nuts I DIDN'T have to hold anything down since nothing moved (the original nuts were at about 150 ft. lbs so they were not loose at all). I replaced both of them anyways and torqued to 111 ft. lbs. I changed ATF and transmission filter. Drove vehicle and still had the same issues. went back home and now when I put it in reverse I hear the solenoid clicking but it doesn't go backwards or forward. Neutral is working properly. It was very late at night so I called it a day. Today is my day off so I thought it would be a good time to perform the relearn procedure. I cleared all codes, drove vehicle and once I reach about 20 mph I get codes P0732 and P0734. I can't get reverse to work, the car is not sluggish anymore at take off but now there's no 4th either.

I'm not sure what I need to do in order to get the reverse and 4th working. While removing the input and output shaft cover I bent one of the tubes a little, i tried to straighten it but it wasn't so easy installing it either. the cover didn't want to line up well and i had to run it in with the bolts slowly. Your help is greatly appreciated. I'm a master certified diesel technician but I can work on engines 99% of the time and they're heavy duty diesel engines. I don't have much experience with transmissions, especially car transmissions so like i said your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

alaa 10-24-2014 10:13 PM

Re: 2000 Saturn SL transmission issues
I just realized i posted this in the wrong thread. I'm new to this forum, sorry about that. thank you

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