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Sam96SL2 02-03-2001 11:58 PM

I was looking at the Injen intakes and they say C.A.R.B Legal (meaning O.K for inspection right?) I also noticed that powerstack and hotshots intakes do not say this...So what factors determine whether an intake is C.A.R.B legal or not

Lastly I've noticed some people prefer hotshot over powerstack and vice versa..Is it that much of a major difference in between these intakes or other intakes..TIA

94sc2boy 02-04-2001 02:14 AM

CARB, just means that it is street legal in California. Also check out the Ice Man intakes, its not ceramic or anything, but its also only 110 bucks.

94sc2boy 02-04-2001 02:15 AM

CARB, just means that it is street legal in California. Also check out the Ice Man intakes, its not ceramic or anything, but its also only 110 bucks.

dqban 02-04-2001 11:51 AM

i dont know much about what materials make an intake more efficient, but when i was looking into adding one for my 97 sc2 i learned two things. first, several people told me to stay away from iceman because those intakes have been known to cause condensation within, which means your engine will suck in water. second, as i understand it, the saturn motor does not produce enough power that the material the intake's tubing is made off will affect your performance . i simply cut off the factory intake bok and attached a $50 K&N kone, the best filter on the market. dyno testing shows that this configuration is as efficient as replacing the tube and all, except $100 to $150 cheaper. talk to jowy at saturn used parts

Beef's SL2 02-04-2001 11:19 PM

Would anyone be able to write up some instructions for cutting off the air box and putting on a K&N filter?
Just wondering if I should do that or get an expensive intake?

SaturnPartsGuy 02-06-2001 12:39 PM

Have put on many different set ups on saturns and have found that the best bang for your buck in the k&n Fuel injector Performance kit. It sounds great works great has a lifetime guarentee on the filter and pays for itself in reusability. On our 2001 sc2 we are placing in the Canadian National Autoshow we are using a HotShot stainless unit. Awesome look good filter placement overall pretty good unit but a little expensive. K&N F.I.P.K list price $286.59 we sell for $214.61. Hot Shot $329.00. (canadian dollars)

Gene_O 02-08-2001 02:03 PM

<blockquote><hr><font size="1">Original Post:</font><!--1-->
Would anyone be able to write up some instructions for cutting off the air box and putting on a K&N filter?
This is what I did for my 95 SL.

I just flipped through the K&N catalog at the parts store and found a cone with a 2 3/4" flange at a 45 degree bend. I ended up getting the 5 1/2" long cone but should've got the 7". 2 3/4" was the same size as my intake tube, whoops, now I needed something to couple the cone to the intake tract. In desperation, I scrounged through my house looking for a way to improvise. Going through the canned goods with K&N in hand, I found that a can of sliced olives gave a perfect fit. I opened the top and bottom with a "Saftey-can" can opener and used the can a coupler. The tough part was finding a recipe to use olives in.

For the airbox, I removed the lid and baffle. The cone just sits in the box with the cone tube interface resting on the edge supporting the cone. It wouldn't be too difficult to construct a bracket at the end of the cone and cut a groove where the tube sits.

I believe the olives were from Italy, so now I can claim to have a Saturn equipped with Italian racing parts. $30 for the filter and a buck or so for the olives.

Beef's SL2 02-08-2001 02:59 PM

Last question about intakes
I really like the Ice Man, because of the reviews on, and the price at (sorry SPS) and want to know if it is better to have the oxy. sensor installed in the tube, or in front of the filter fastened to the frame, which would be easier for me, but I want it done right.

Saturn_x2001 02-08-2001 08:31 PM

I, personally, like the ceramic-coated Hotshot (SPS) intake. I like the way it looks, and sounds. It kind of matches the valve cover too. The Iceman, to me, SEEMS kind of pointless to spend that much money on (even if it does have the untapped fitting for NOS). It's cheaper then the hotshot, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just keep the stock intake plumbing, paint it your favorite color, and add a K&N filter???

...just my opinion...

In conclusion, I like the way the Hotshot intake sounds & looks. It may be a little pricey but, hey, I don't pay rent yet so why not throw in the extra dollar?? Just don't have a shop install it for you, that'll leave a big fat void in your wallet!


100KSW2 02-08-2001 09:59 PM

Another option is the K&N drop-in Filtercharger.

Each of the intakes has its plusses (and minuses!). The better ones are expensive (CARB certification costs money). Tthe cheaper ones all seem to have problems like not having a place for the O2 sensor, or rubbing your hoses (unless you pay extra for a bracket, and then it's not so cheap anymore), causing problems with emissions inspections, poor quality or fit, or whatever.

A search of this board and the SPS tech pages will find you the real (dyno tested) HP gains for an intake vs. the drop in filter, but if I recall correctly it is about 3 HP for the drop in and 5 HP for any of the intakes (interchangable as far as performance goes).

So, do you care more about appearance, or cost (drop in is about $40 US, the intakes are about $100 US and up)?

Do you want easy, one minute install with no hassle from emissions or service (some retailers refuse to even change your oil if you have an intake, sad but true!) and no rubbing, no finish wearing off and getting sucked into your engine? Get a drop in and save money and hassles.

If you want to impress your friends, dress up your engine, get every HP you can, regardless of cost (in this case hundreds, not thousands), then get an intake (if it were me I would get the one from K&N, or one of the more expensive ones that come with all the brackets and fittings, you generally get what you pay for).

I hope this helps. Enjoy your Saturn!

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