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Cyprus 12-02-2011 10:01 AM

2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement
[B][SIZE="3"]Water Pump[/SIZE][/B]

[B]GATES Part # 41142[/B]
Water Pump (Standard); Cast Aluminum, Standard Rotation Main

[B]BOSCH Part # 96136[/B]
Includes Gasket OE Replacement

[B]ACDELCO Part # 251678[/B]
OE Design; Stamped Steel Impeller; Includes Mount Bolts
[INDENT]Question:[/INDENT][INDENT][LIST=1][*]Is one better than the others?[/LIST][/INDENT]

[B][SIZE="3"]Timing Belt Kit[/SIZE][/B]

[B]GATES Part # TCK285A[/B]
PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt Component Kit; 4 Components (1 Belt, 1 Tensioner, 2 Idlers) Ser. No. 578511 & Before; Interference engine application [B]$151.99[/B]

[B]GATES Part # TCK285AP [/B]
PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt Component Kit [U]W/Seals[/U]; 9 Components (1 Belt, 1 Tensioner, 2 Idlers, 5 Seals) Ser. No. 578511 & Before; Interference engine application [B]$166.79[/B]
[INDENT]Question:[/INDENT][INDENT][LIST=1][*]How do I know if I need the kit "w/Seals"?[/LIST][/INDENT]

fromme2u 12-02-2011 11:21 AM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement
When I did mine, I did not replace any seals. Biggest thing is get the serial number of your engine and get the kit designed for it. That timing belt is used on other vehicles and the seals might be required for them. I just checked the ALLDATAdiy procedures for my 2002 L300 3.0L Sedan and it does not mention anything about changing seals.


mike1161 12-02-2011 01:01 PM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement
I agree, there was no seal replacement needed when I replaced my timing belt; the belt basically just has a cover over it. You can also check this thread where I described how I did the belt & water pump change.

Also, unless you hear noise coming from the idler pulleys, I don't really think you need to change them, they have nice sealed ball bearings, so don't typically go bad. I just changed the belt. It would save a lot of $ on the parts.
If you want to send me a PM with you email, I'd also be glad to email the PowerPoint pics to you.

Cyprus 12-03-2011 03:02 PM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement

Thanks for the information. The parts for both the timing belt kit and water pump are RockAuto recommendations based on my serial #.

I've not read anything regarding seals on other timing belt posts on Saturnfans. Mitchell On Demand directions for timing belt replacement mentions nothing either. I'll assume they are not needed for the Saturn.


Thanks for the link to your timing belt post. I missed that one when looking before. The directions I have from Mitchell On Demand are good, but missing a lot of detail. Your post and others should help fill in the gaps.

Also, just replacing the belt would save money, but I'm wondering if I [I]should[/I] replace the idler pulleys while I'm there--noise or not? (Engine has just over 100k.) I'm okay spending a little extra money for the kit. Wondering too if the kit idler pulleys are as nice (sealed bearings) as the originals?

Back to my original question: For the water pump, does it matter whether it's Bosch, Gates, ACDelco, etc? I just want one that will last a long time seeing that replacement is such a pain.

Thanks in advance.

fdryer 12-03-2011 03:30 PM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement
Since you can appreciate the difficulty in accessing this area, replacing everything necessary with long term goals tends to set a course. Wondering which idler bearing and water pump will hold up to long term wear and tear may be as simple as finding the ones with a lifetime warranty, if available. Bearings come with many ratings from basic to precision. Replacement idlers are expected to have bearings for long term use so replacing ones not in any kit just ensures a new set are used, nothing more as no one can guarantee a bearing will last long when put into service. The same for water pumps or any other part we buy. We expect some sort of service life so anything beyond the first engine start is relying on industry standards. Bearings used depends on where they're used to determine service life and environment they're exposed to.

To get into bearing 101, Google bearings and find out the dirt on what makes one bearing the most expensive (precision) against a plain one for general purpose use. The more you know........................

In the end, what you choose won't be wrong.

Partymmudasti 12-03-2011 07:31 PM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement
FWIW, a heckuva LOT of timing belt failures on the 3.0L DOHC engines is because one of the timing belt idler/tensioner bearings seized. It is to be noted that the belt almost never "snaps" on its own; it will either stretch over time and skip timing OR a tensioner/idler bearing seizes (more common) which at that time, can cause the belt the snap.

[B]DEFINITELY[/B] replace all of the tensioners/idlers. On other cars, I would not bat an eye but with the L's I think you'd be making a huge mistake [I]not[/I] replacing them while you are in there.

Back to your original parts questions.
Go with the Delco water pump. Dont cheap on this. When the water pump fails, its going to contaminate that nice new expensive timing belt you put on there. Go big, or go home.

Also, many choose either Gates kits because they are cheaper, but I'd go with the AC Delco kit myself - its available on for ~$190 (includes belt, tensioners, etc... like the Gates kit). Im not knocking the Gates kit by any means, but on a job 'this' big, you want to do it right the first time.

This is not an area to cheap on. A member posted a while back who went with the Gates kit and the car skipped time 20,000 miles after installation, resultantly leaving the member with a 600 pound lawn ornament.

FWIW, a little side story, relating to this thread: My 2002 Envoy's motor mounts went bad. I could get the AC Delco hydraulic mounts for $100/ea (ouch) or for $34.79, I could get the mounts made by an aftermarket company called "anchor". They are solid rubber.

Took me 3 days to install the mounts, and Im a novice backyard mechanic. Turns out, Anchor totally missed the ball on this one. The inline six cylinder engine in my Envoy needs hydraulic (read: gel filled) mounts to absorb NVH. Truck vibrates like a Diesel dump truck now, MUCH MUCH worse than the bad OEM mounts I took off. A prime example of what cheaping out got me. Now Im out the $90 ($34/ea + shipping) AND I have to drop $230 (new mounts $100/ea + shipping) AND take 3 more days out of my time laying on a cold garage floor with a 750lb engine and transfer case dangling over my head :dizzy:

Cyprus 12-05-2011 01:48 PM

Re: 2002 LW300: Recommended parts for timing belt and water pump replacement

Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!

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