View Full Version : 8 DTCs and need specifics

11-30-2014, 02:00 PM
I am Brothers in Bond Total repair I have A Staurn Sky

2007 2.4L

that I am repairing

I got 8 DTCs and some of which I never heard of

whish I had a TechII to correctly identify these codes however I do not

the list

P0014--hard set
p0171--2 hard sets
c342d--hard set
p0700--2 pending
p2637--hard set

the ones im not familiar with are the c342d, p2637, and if all are connected to each other

if another Saturn owner or tech can enlighten me that would be awesome

and yes I did own a 1995 Saturn SC1 that was metallic root beer and it was my first car

11-30-2014, 03:30 PM
Replace the Exhaust CMP Actuator Solenoid Control, clear all DTCs and recheck.
valve. The P0014 is mostly set because of solenoid has high resistance HOT.

After driving at full operating temperature test the Exhaust CMP Actuator Solenoid Control resistance and compare to Intake CMP Actuator Solenoid Control. about 13 ohms is OK . over 20 ohms replace the solenoid valve.

When the P0014 is set Transmission operation is affected.

C342D and P2637 are not DTCs that are set in a 2007 Saturn Sky.
scan tool is not compatible.