View Full Version : BCM/RAP issue with door

06-02-2013, 06:22 PM
I have had an issue since last spring.

At that time the car would not know the door opened after the key was off giving no door chimes, and the radio would stay on. About half an hour later, the radio would finally shut off.

After taking the car out in the spring, the radio would not turn on. Still with no turn signals or door chimes, etc. The shop replaced the aftermarket radio harness/module... wasn't the main problem. May be the relay for the RAP, or the BCM. Heard random clicks a few times... and once in a while clicked and stayed allowing the radio to turn on. It then stays on after turning off the car and opening the door like it did in the fall.

I tried something real simple to verify that the problem is in the door. When the car is on and the passenger door is opened, the Door Ajar wording appears in the DIC, and the map lights turn on. It does not occur when the driver side door is open.

The windows work still when the car is off, like the radio did.To solve the radio issue, we have connected the power to the ignition. So now it turns on and off immediately with the car.

I would like to get it back to normal... connected to the accessory.

Anyone have an idea on what exactly I should have the audio shop look for in the door, or should I bring it to a tech that used to work at Saturn? I saw a thread elsewhere that mentioned a grey/black wire in pin 4. Where are the pin connectors? I know there are some connections near the door hinge, but how about inside the door... are they easy to access? Are they connected tot he latch itself?

06-02-2013, 09:17 PM
While no expert on Sky's, a door switch is a door switch. Have you ever tried to check the driver's side door switch to see if its corroded and preventing (typical) ground signaling to the bcm? Since the driver's side door gets the most use, its presumed the door switch wears out whether its from normal wear and tear or corrosion setting in to make intermittent ground connection. Ground is used wherever its electronically expedient.

Pull the door switch by hand and see with the ignition ON.