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11-03-2011, 11:28 PM
At first it was just my windshield wipers: they wouldn't turn off when I told them to. While vastly annoying, I decided to live with it because I couldn't find a relay in the fuse box for it so assumed a fix would mean tearing the dash out. Now, my front-right blinker doesn't blink. Sure, it could be the bulb, but all of a sudden it started blinking again, briefly, this morning. To be perfectly honest, I can't verify that the blinker was actually working, just that the 'clicking' went from fast ('hey something is broken!') to normal ('nope, everything is cool again').

So my main questions are:
1) Do I, in fact, need to rip the dash out to fix my wiper problem
2) Could the cause of the wiper problem also be the root of the blinker issues
3) Are there any threads on the forum that I could read through to help be through this repair.


11-04-2011, 04:18 PM
You have posted this in the Saturn Sky Tech forum, so I can only assume you have a Saturn Sky. It helps sometimes to post this information in your profile or in your signature so that others can know the model and year of your vehicle.

As for your final questions....

(1) I really cannot help you here. Have you looked through your manual to find all relay panels? There are usually two or three on most vehicles. One or two under the hood, and at least one inside under the dash.

(2) I had a similar problem where abouts my turn signal would sporadically blink faster than normal. It took about three months, but my rear bulb finally went out. I would bet on the safe side and replace both front and rear bulbs now, just to save you the effort come winter months.

For Rear Bulbs:
You have to open the trunk to access the bolt heads to unscrew the tail lamp housing. The entire housing will detach from the vehicle. Replace bulb by twisting out. Re-install should be fair easy at this point. NOTE: there are only three bolts per taillamp housing. There is what looks to be a fourth that is located WAAAAAAYYYYY up inside and around in the middle, but it is just a location pin. It took me forever to figure this out.

For Front Bulbs:
Open the hood, locate turn signal bulbs, twist out and replace.

11-05-2011, 11:44 AM
I mis-posted, this should actually go in the Saturn S-Series Tech forum, as I own a 1997 SL2 (no wonder I couldn't find the thread): could one of the mods please move this thread? Thank you.