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02-12-2008, 08:59 PM
Hi Saturn friends,

I have a question about OBDII. I am a programmer and have also some knowledge of embedded applications. I wish to make a carpc and read OBDII values. I have a question about the possibilities.

Is it possible to read sensors with OBDII? Can i read temp sensors? see what door isn't close properly or see status of seatbelts? Can i see gear position etc... ?

If yes where can i find the codes or adresses of this sensors and what is the best way to read them? Maybee a OBDII <> RS232?

The most important question, is it save to read continously of the OBDII network? Can't i interrupt other critical communication because the OBDII network is bussy answering always my sensor read commands?

I really hope someont can help me. Thanks!

Gerry Proctor
02-13-2008, 04:35 AM
You'd be interested in Mode 6, PIDs, and uncomputed PID values for sensor data. Have a look here for some tech material on GM: http://service.gm.com/gmspo/mode6/index.html.

These are features you'd find in high end scan tools with vehicle-specific software. Everything you want to do, including bi-directional communication, already exists on these scan tools.