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  1. Article on GM hybrids incl. VUE
  2. I hope GM is paying attention
  3. Here come the Hybrids!
  4. Saturn Vue hybrid delayed
  5. Is the VUE Green Line Dead or Alive?
  6. Hybrid Review
  7. 2006 VUE Hybrid and VTi
  8. 2006 VUE Hybrid
  9. Anyone heard any new rumors about VUE BAS hybrid ?
  10. GM lies: no 2006 VUE hybrid
  11. Hybrid
  12. Saturn GL (Green Line)
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  14. Saturn Vue Green Hybrid
  15. VUE Green Line?
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  17. Origin of VUE hybrid tech?
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  24. Thoughts on the upcoming Green Line Vue?
  25. hyrbrid
  26. Saturn Vue Green Line: hybrid for tightwads
  27. 2007 Vue Hybrid
  28. The Hybid fuel economy question
  29. Hybrid
  30. Want to check out the Vue Green Line? Come to Hybridfest July 22
  31. Vue Greenline = No sunroof?
  32. Saw a Hybrid Vue
  33. Why does Saturn plan to do this?
  34. I ordered my Green Line Vue this weekend
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  40. SUV Hybrid
  41. Which one?
  42. 0 to 60
  43. First GL in at Beechmont
  44. First Green Lines are in at Saturn of Beechmont
  45. Vue Greenline in Nashville, TN
  46. Savings due to Hybrid, or other factors???
  47. Hybrid Test Drive review
  48. Engine/Motor Interation in GreenLine
  49. Engine/Motor Interation in GreenLine
  50. Spotted White GL on Car Carrier on 65N.
  51. "Cheap and joyless" - Car & Driver Nov 2006
  52. Question: Trade an 06 I4 for 07 I4 Hybrid?
  53. semi-decent review of VUE Greenline
  54. One year only for the green line?
  55. It's here!
  56. Green Line Battery
  57. Towing capabilities fo VUE GL
  58. Finally Arrived!
  59. MMT in Gasoline
  60. Another Green Line review
  61. remote starter for hybrid? issues etc..
  62. Saturn Vue Green Line: A rough ride, and not so eco-friendly
  63. VUE GL Tech Specs from SAE
  64. What real-world fuel economy are people experiencing?
  65. Saturn Vue and Mercury Mariner: Hybrids, Mild or Seasoned, From the Motor City
  66. A good review
  67. Ultra high mileage
  68. No spare tire!
  69. Vue GL as a NYC taxi
  70. how EPA tests vehicles..wow..
  71. GOOD Greenline! (yes, really)
  72. How is the GL selling?
  73. I love my GL
  74. WPD has one!
  75. Roof Rack & crossbars on a GL VUE
  76. Saturn Vue GL
  77. Test drove a GL, have a question
  78. Toronto TV station goes "GREEN"
  79. Not so satisfied Greenline owner
  80. Feeling Virtuous in an SUV
  81. Greenline Update
  82. Vue + Volt == Uber Green Line
  83. Attention Prospective Saturn Vue GL Buyer - The Vue GL Averages 26.1 mpg
  84. Forget Hybrid here comes air........
  85. GL oil change?
  86. electrical questions regarding saturn greenline vue
  87. VUE GL Owners...Guage question..
  88. Need Canadian driver
  89. Bob Lutz comments on improving fuel economy
  90. New Owner
  91. What's your opinion on the spoiler?
  92. Looking to buy a 2007 Hybrid Vue, any personal experiece or comments VERY welcome
  93. Looking to buy a 2007 Hybrid Vue, any personal experiece or comments VERY welcome
  94. Tire pressure
  95. OMG! I dont know if i wanna get one now!
  96. Scanguage II - are you using it and what adjustments have you made?
  97. HID Headlight conversion
  98. Costs associated with the greenline?
  99. Plug-In Vue When??? (discuss all 3 hybrid versions)
  100. I'm back and MPG's still under 23
  101. Excess Accelaration with Cuise Control
  102. A Tale of 4 Vues
  103. Greenline ride height
  104. 2004 Vue temperature gauge
  105. Different mileage with different brands of fuel
  106. Hey AustinVue, report on my first tank with the Twin!!
  107. Plug-in VUE to be 1st Li-ion car?
  108. Where does your "Low Fuel" light come on??
  109. How do you change the transmission fluid in a Green Line?
  110. Is there any hacks for the Green Line to extend the gas mileage?
  111. Interesting situation...
  112. My 2cents on NO SPARE: Blow out today!
  113. How 'Green' is the VUE GL?
  114. How is cold weather performance?
  115. Green Line Recall
  116. How many miles do you get per tank in your Green Line?
  117. First tire dead at 11,000 miles
  118. So why does Charlie delete anything critical?
  119. Roof rack for GL?
  120. Tweaks, New Platform Allow Vue Hybrid to Hold Mileage Ground
  121. If applicable, what snow tires do you have on your 2007 VUE GL?
  122. VUE Greenlines...how many were made?
  123. SATURN 'tweak' of 07's ..would be a nice gesture
  124. Green Line Vue Pricing.
  125. 2007 Vue GreenLine mileage, etc.
  126. Charge/Assist meter - Problems?
  127. It's that time of year again...
  128. 2007 Greenline possible service issues
  129. Saturn Greenline a rare car?
  130. Auto Shutoff Performance Issues
  131. Modified for more MPG
  132. Zen & the Art of Buying a Hybrid
  133. Saturn Picks Up "Most Significant Vehicle" Honor at Auto Show with 2009 Vue Hybrid
  134. only a few posts this year
  135. Whats mpg at 75-80mph?
  136. 2008 Green Line Availability
  137. Lost some parts ??
  138. MPG drop after harness recall
  139. MY08 Hybrid Review
  140. 2007 Green Line Emission Recall
  141. Battery Supplier Issue
  142. Noisy when shutting off or starting.
  143. Another Extended Stay...
  144. 2008 Vue Hybrid not available in Canada?
  145. 08 Greenline price increase?
  146. AWD for any future Vue Hybrid??
  147. duplicate thread
  148. Battery light came on
  149. 2008 VUE Green Line
  150. 2009 Vue Greenline Official Changes
  151. Lets see your Green Lines!!!!
  152. How Canadians Save $12000 on a 2008 Green Line Vue!!
  153. Vue Plug-In Hybrid Work "Proceeding Nicely"
  154. VUE PLUG IN..electricity cost
  155. brakes..anyone service yet??
  156. First Greenline Arrives in Halifax NS Canada!! Photos!!
  157. Vue Hybrid Offers Reasonable Power
  158. '08 Vue is Golden
  159. Green Line Vue Has European Flair and Good Mileage
  160. Extreme Hybrid Vue - 150 MPG
  161. AutoblogGreen Drives the 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid
  162. Vue GL Bests RAV4 in Motor Trend Comparison Test
  163. Why is there no Greenline VUE offered in AWD
  164. Green Line: A Vue to a Thrill at the Pump
  165. The 2008 Saturn Vue Greenline
  166. 2007 Vue Green Line
  167. Cars.com Tests the 2008 Saturn VUE Green Line
  168. Little Bulldog is Easy on Gas
  169. Eight Fuel-Sipping SUV Alternatives
  170. Green Line Vue Hybrid Uses Less Fuel with Engine/Hybrid Combo
  171. GL vs A/C when standing
  172. Last Chance to Win a Hybrid Saturn Vue in TotalBeauty.com's Totally Green Sweepstakes
  173. She finally came in!!!!! Silver Pearl Premium Green Line.
  174. Saturn Two-Mode Green Line VUE coming soon
  175. GL Battery Life
  176. Stopped in Wal-Mart by another Vue driver
  177. shifting to neutral downhill? any concerns?
  178. With Battery Issues Resolved, Saturn Ramps Up Production of Vue Hybrid
  179. Hybrid's Point of Vue
  180. '09 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid Will be the World's Most Fuel Efficient V6 Sport-Utility
  181. '08 Saturn Vue Green Line FWD Hybrid
  182. Hybrid Vue Delivers Space and Economy
  183. 760km/Tank so far, what if I use Premium Fuel?
  184. A Clear "Vue" Ahead
  185. A new Hybrid Vue
  186. Fox Car Report - 2008 VUE Green Line
  187. Saturn Will Soon Offer a Wider Array of Hybrids than Any Other Brand
  188. 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid Print Ad
  189. GM and Electric Utility Industry Launch Major Collaboration to Commercialize Plug-in
  190. 2008 Vue Hybrid Stalling/Shaking, and making Popcorn noises at startup.
  191. Plug-In Hybrid Vue Work "Progressing Through Early Program Development Stages"
  192. Should we compare a GL to a 4 or 6 cyl.
  193. 2009 Saturn 2-Mode Vue Hybrid to Feature "Friction and Regenerative Brake Control" Sy
  194. Project Runway Vignette: Chris March Rethinks Design with the Saturn Vue Hybrid
  195. Trade in our 2007 for a 2008?
  196. Winter handling?
  197. 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid Should Attract Buyers
  198. Plug-In Vue Hybrid Previewed at "Plug-In 2008" Convention
  199. Head Lights Adjustable?
  200. Efficiency First, Power Later in the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid
  201. 2007 VUE and 10 second Auto Shutoff
  202. Saturn Vue Hybrid Has a Lot to Offer
  203. Plug-In Hybrid Vue to "Make it to Market in 2011"
  204. Jalopnik Reviews the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line
  205. Saturn Teases with a Preview Review of its Advanced 2-Mode Vue Hybrid
  206. hybrid battery cost.....$1080
  207. trade in
  208. fall weather..means mileage drops........
  209. VUE GL rear-ended
  210. 2009 Saturn Vue Hybrid Pricing (September 29, 2008)
  211. First Look at Production-Spec Vue 2-Mode Hybrids
  212. 2009 Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid Preliminary Specs
  213. Twin-Mode Hybrid, So Fl. Nov 8 & 9
  214. Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid Named One of Five Finalists in 2009 Green Car of the Year Co
  215. Green Car Journal Tests the 2009 Vue 2-Mode Hybrid, Says it Will be Priced "Under $33
  216. MotorAuthority: Saturn Vue "Hyline" Concept Hybrid Bound for SEMA Show
  217. Cast Your Vote for Saturn Today
  218. Vue two-mode delay
  219. different saturn vue cars?
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  221. 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid Green Line
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  223. Keeping It Simple With The One Mode
  224. Next Shot at Hybrid Redemption for GM: 2009 Saturn Vue Two-Mode
  225. Saturn Hybrids Drive "The Road to Change" to the Presidential Inauguration
  226. General Motors Two-Mode Hybrid Powertrain Voted "2009 Best New Green Technology"
  227. Video: Update on the 2009 Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid
  228. Saturn Plugs in with Pre-Production Vue Hybrid, Flextreme Concept at DC Auto Show
  229. Vue is the Only Hybrid that Beats Its Conventional Counterpart in Latest Industry Ana
  230. 2007 Hybrid? This forum, another...or both?
  231. Saturn Will Not Get Vue Plug-In Hybrid
  232. twilight zone..has this ever happened to you?
  233. Cancelled Saturn Vue Two-Mode Hybrid Rated at 28 MPG by EPA
  234. 2007 Vue Greenline Drive Belt
  235. GM: No Delay for Plug-In SUV
  236. General Motors Donates Two Saturn Vue Hybrids to Michigan Technical University
  237. AutoBlog Drives a Buick/Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid Prototype
  238. Flat tire blues. Recommendations?
  239. Saturn Vue Hybrid Called One of the "Best Deals of the Month" by IntelliChoice
  240. 2009 Saturn VUE Hybrid... thanks to Clunker Program
  241. Thinking of purchasing a Green Line within the next week..
  242. Cancelled Vue 2-Mode Hybrid Rated at 28 MPG
  243. Issue and no answers yet
  244. Greenline Stats?
  245. Vue Block Heater
  246. Can't decide between a Green Line and Red Line?
  247. 2009 Hybrid Vue will not start
  248. Anyone had this problem?? Any ideas??
  249. Activating DRL on 2007 VUE imported from US
  250. 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid long time to get parts!