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  1. Should Saturn Build an ION Wagon?
  2. Who Will Win Super Bowl XXXVII?
  3. Would You Buy a Saturn Built Without Polymer Body Panels?
  4. Should Saturn Accept GM Card Earnings?
  5. Does Your Saturn Have a Sunroof?
  6. What Grade of Gasoline Do You Use in Your Saturn?
  7. Did You Buy Your Current Saturn New or Used?
  8. Does Your Saturn Have Antilock Brakes?
  9. Demographic Check: Are You Male or Female?
  10. What Kind of Saturn Do You Currently Drive?
  11. Have You Ever Been Caught Speeding in Your Saturn?
  12. Do You Have a Personalized License Plate on Your Saturn?
  13. Do You Prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  14. What Kind of Transmission Does Your Current Have?
  15. Is the New Steering Wheel in the 2004 VUE a Change for the Better?
  16. Do You Let Other People Eat or Drink in Your Saturn?
  17. Do You Tell Your Friends How Much You Like Your Saturn?
  18. Does Your Saturn Have Leather Seats?
  19. Do You Change Your Saturn's Oil?
  20. Do You Intentionally Park Next to Other Saturns?
  21. Should GM Revive the Saturn SKY?
  22. Are You Right or Left Handed?
  23. Is Your Saturn Equipped with the Optional Advanced Audio System?
  24. Are You Planning a Roadtrip this Summer with Your Saturn?
  25. Do You Have an Aftermarket Stereo System in Your Saturn?
  26. Do You Use a Radar Detector?
  27. If You Didn't Buy Your Current Saturn, Which Would You Have Bought Instead?
  28. How Many Saturns Have You Owned?
  29. Should Saturns Next Midsize Car Be Offered as a Sedan or Wagon?
  30. Have You Named Your Saturn?
  31. What Size T-Shirt Do You Wear?
  32. Have You Toured the Saturn Plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee?
  33. On Average, How Often Do You Change Your Saturn's Oil?
  34. Have You Ever Let a Friend Drive Your Saturn?
  35. Have Saturn's Incentives Changed Your Perception of the "One Price" Philosophy?
  36. Should Saturn Graft the Front of the Quad Coupe onto the ION Sedan?
  37. How Often Do You Wash or Have Your Saturn Washed?
  38. Do You Winterize Your Saturn?
  39. Should Saturn Build the 'Curve' Concept Coupe?
  40. Who Do You Want to Win the Superbowl?
  41. Do You Subscribe to GM's OnStar services?
  42. Should Saturn Offer a Heads-Up Display Option?
  43. Should Saturn an Offer In-Dash Navigation System in its Vehicles?
  44. 2nd Annual Demographic Check: Are You Male or Female?
  45. How Many Saturns Have You Owned?
  46. Do You Like Saturn's New Ad for the ION Red Line?
  47. Did You Purchase an Extended Warranty With Your Saturn?
  48. Do You Plan on Test Driving an ION Red Line?
  49. Should Saturn Lower Their Prices or Continue to Offer Incentives?
  50. Does the New Labor Contract Change Your Opinion of Saturn?
  51. Have You Purchased Any Accessories for Your Saturn?
  52. What Month Were You Born In?
  53. Which 2005 Model Are You Looking Forward Most to Seeing?
  54. Have You Ever Used On*Star?
  55. Is Saturn's New Pricing Strategy a Change for the Better?
  56. When Did You First Visit Saturnalia? Before or After You Owned Your First Saturn?
  57. Do You Plan on Visiting Your Retailer to Get a Closer Look at the Relay?
  58. Would You Buy a Saturn Made in Mexico?
  59. Should GM Import the Opel Astra from Europe as Saturn's Next Small Car?
  60. Where Do You Think Saturn Should Spend Most of its Advertising Budget in 2008?
  61. Do You Plan on Going to an Auto Show this Year?
  62. Who do you want to win Super Bowl XLII?
  63. Are there any E85 fuel stations near you?
  64. Did you buy your current Saturn new or used?
  65. Before you bought your first Saturn, did you own an import or domestic vehicle?
  66. Should Saturn build a hardtop Sky coupe in addition to the current roadster?
  67. Do you have a GM card?
  68. Should Saturn Offer a Coupe and Wagon Version of its Next-Generation Aura?
  69. Should Saturn Add a Microvan to Its Lineup?
  70. Would having a real-time fuel mileage display change your driving habits?
  71. Who Will You Vote to be the Next President of the United States?
  72. Where Do You Get Your Saturn Serviced?