Wall Street Journal: At Saturn, a Split Over Invoking the Penske Name

John Stoll from the Wall Street Journal: To spark interest and remind consumers that Saturn is still alive, its dealers have kicked off a new marketing campaign built around the slogan, "Wonder where the car business is headed? It's here." The slogan will be used on banners across Saturn storefronts and in a spate of email blasts, Facebook blogs and direct communications with buyers. In the second week of July, GM will start advertising deals on Saturn vehicles in a bid to clear dealer inventories, Ms. McGill said. But at least for now, GM has asked Saturn not to trumpet the Penske connection - even though some dealers think it is the biggest thing the brand has going for it - lest it overshadow the Saturn brand name.

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Velocity Video Report: 2000 Saturn LW2

I thought this forum might enjoy this video on the surprising performance of a Saturn L-Series Wagon. Is it just a grocery hauler? What happens after you take a look under the hood? That part kicks in about halfway through.