Video: Saturn to See New Life

Cathy Shafran from WJRT ABC 12: Joe Serra of the Al Serra Auto Group has been working as an advisor to Roger Penske since discussions began on Penske possibly acquiring the Saturn brand. Friday morning, a bleary-eyed Serra, who had worked late into the night helping out with some final issues on the plan, shared details of a tentative pact. Serra says the tentative agreement means that Penske will be purchasing the branding and distributorship of Saturns. The local auto dealer says he was brought in to offer perspectives from the dealer and customer viewpoint. As a result, Penske will be continuing only the Saturn Aura, Vue and Outlook vehicles. Under the deal, the Penske group will obtain rights to the Saturn brand, acquire certain assets including parts inventory, and have the right to distribute vehicles and parts through all of Saturn's 350-dealership network.

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