Video: Pittsburgh Saturn Customers, Dealer Speak Out on Company Future

Vince Sims from Pittsburgh's Channel 11: In the waiting room a Saturn dealership in Monroeville, Kirsti Adkins waited for her car to be inspected. But she also wanted some answers about what's Saturn's future. "I heard they might discontinue the line," Adkins said. Having owned her third Saturn and being and satisfied with the company, she doesn't want to see it go away. Adkins said, "I hope they keep on manufacturing them so that I can keep on having a car I like." President of the Saturn dealership in Monroeville, Rob Cochran, told Channel 11 News the worst case is the company would phase out the brand in two years. But Cochran doesn't think that will happen. He said, "We are working over the next couple of months on this spinoff that will secure more product and products more to the historical mission of what Saturn has been. Small fuel efficient smart vehicles."

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