Video: As GM Viability Plan Evolves, Saturn Retailers Prepare for Future as Separate Entity

Terry Camp from ABC 12 WJRT: General Motors plans on building its last Saturn vehicle by the end of this year, and that may not be a bad thing. "I love it," said Saturn owner Pat Lane. Lane says he loves his Saturn and thinks the company might have a better chance to succeed once it leaves the corporation that developed it. "As long as they stick around as a company, it may do them good to break away from GM," Lane said. Pete Serra with Saturn of Saginaw/Flint says the Saturn name is a good one in the auto industry, and says he believes GM's latest announcement indicates something will happen soon. "GM is accelerating their plan at a quicker pace, which means Saturn is going to have to accelerate their plan at a quicker pace," he said. That plan might include Saturn retailers purchasing the company, or perhaps another company buying it from GM. "They need us to be sold," Serra said. "It helps them out if we are sold."

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