Two-Way Communication is Key to Saturn's Growth Strategy

Continuously improving a company's products, marketing, and business strategies is a daunting task for any organization. It can be very difficult to understand market trends and changes in customer tastes.

Luckily, Saturn general manager, Jill Lajdziak, understands the significance of carefully listening to what the brand's owners, potential owners, and critics think about its product line and consumer-oriented initiatives. The launch of the innovative web site and a recent meeting with Washington DC area bloggers are two recent examples of just how serious Saturn is about executing this strategy. "We've got a lot to say," Jill wrote in a recent blog post over at ImSaturn. "But it is even more important that we listen."

Jill and her team are indeed active listeners. Everyone whom I've met on her staff genuinely seeks – and attentively listens to – feedback. "I love getting away from the office and talking with people all around the country," she wrote in her blog when discussing the DC event. "I was particularly excited to have the chance to share coffee and dessert with a very interesting group of bloggers."

It was an honor to be a part of the group invited to spend a few hours not only talking about Saturn, but listening to the other attendees' comments about Saturn vehicles as well as models built by its competitors. They all were eager to share their likes, dislikes, and ideas about what Saturn could do in the future to better cater to their needs. Significantly, a majority of the folks there were not "car buffs" as you might think, but instead MBA students and "mommy" bloggers (Mama's Got Moxie and Mommy Needs a Cocktail were two of the blogs that come to mind). Each of them had some very insightful observations and comments. You could tell that a number of the folks took time to do some research about Saturn's past, present, and future. Jill thoughtfully answered each of their questions, and in some cases several detailed follow-up questions, about whatever was on their mind. She also had some very nice things to say about

I always learn something new at Saturn events, and this time was no different. So what did I learn?

  • Not only does Bon Jovi own a Saturn, but he's a big Saturn fan.

  • New ads for the Saturn Aura will debut towards the end of May; they'll follow the same general theme found in the new Vue television commercial.
  • When asked about the possibility of diesel-powered Saturns, the group was told we should "stay tuned."

Without a doubt, it was a great evening and I had a lot of fun! It was a pleasure to meet everyone and hear their stories. I always appreciate the opportunity to listen and talk about what's new at Saturn! Fortunately for all of us, Saturn does too.

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