Saturn Status Has Customers Wondering

Bill Rogers from Highlands Today: It's difficult enough for car dealers to contend with a struggling economy that has hit them hard. But Saturn dealers also have to deal with the future of their products and their company. "The perception is we're leaving or going away," said Ferron Jackson, sales and leasing consultant with Saturn of Sebring. The information regarding the company has impacted walk-in traffic tremendously, according to Jackson. He said the dealership is seeing only three or four people a week now compared to 15 to 20 a year ago at this time. Jackson said people are wondering what's going on with Saturn. "We're still here, to this point we're still here," Jackson said. "Most of our buyers that have the cars have received these letters, so they kind of got a peace of mind with it. Half of them they are just sitting there like 'I'm not worried about it; you guys will be here there is nothing to worry about.' The other half that are semi-concerned those are the ones that are really fighting for us. They are wondering what they can do."

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Battery Supplier Issue Plauges Saturn, GM Hybrids

TheCarConnection reports that troubled battery maker Cobasys threatens to continue to limit the availability of Saturn and General Motors hybrid vehicles. The 2008 Saturn Vue and Aura Green Line hybrids, as well as the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid, use Cobasys' nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The company is also one GM's key suppliers for its new 2-mode hybrid models.